C.H. Robinson Distribution Center Jobs

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C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. is referred to as a Fortune 500 company providing third-party supplies. The company provides transportation and supply services such as warehousing, transportation management, freight transportation and customs brokerage. They offer logistics solutions using truckload, intermodal, and ocean, less than truckload and air freight transportation.

Carrier Services perform as your front door in a number of services for a number of occasions. You will gain the right to enter to the tens of thousands of cargo moved daily using a powerful based technology platform. You may call their carrier Account Management experts. They are always ready to offer virtual opportunities. And, when you pay them, they make it very quick and easy for the payment to be paid using their numerous payment programs.

Profitable and high quality transits are important to their ability to meet their customers’ demands. They would not be involved in business without upholding long-term and solid relationships with their 63,000-contract carriers they work together with. They view these relationships as key ingredient to their long-term success.

Finding a healthy balanceTo assist carriers grow and be successful in their businesses, they:

•   Enable small carriers enter to the freight of big shipper’s freight by which they could not access by their own

•   Give early funds to contract carriers especially for fuel and other expenses

•   Pay contract carriers quicker than the industry normal and on average may be approximately two weeks quicker than they are paid by their shippers

•   Enable carriers to work together with them using transaction, in a part of a discussed term arrangement, or using a combined approach of the two

•   Offer a technology bridge which enables small contracts carriers to enter the freight of shippers that require EDI abilities to move their freight

•   Assist owner functions, and small contract transit manage their fuel expenses using a fuel discount program in over 500 locations and nationwide fuel prices and news on information service

•   Financially give support and enhance industry organizations such as Cascade Sierra Solutions, that enables small carriers improve their equipment on saving fuel and reduce emissions

View our latest, real-time loads

They offer unbeatable freight solutions, fast payment, automatic communications, and programs to ease your life.

Discover your real-time freight possibilities now at their websites just for carriers:

•   North America on CHRWTrucks

•   Europe on CHREUTransport

•   South America, Middle East and Asia:

At the sites, or by calling or contacting a local office, you will choose your cargo and lane. Select short or haul freight; head haul or backhaul; local, expedited freight and specialized; drop teams and trailers; seasonal; committed; and transactional freight. Tell them if you got a special load of produce, perishables, Mexico, Canada, drayage, Hazmat, high value, alcohol, or blanket wrap.

Be a contract carrier at C.H. Robinson

Quality. Professionalism. Dependability. If this is you, you will have the right stuff to work as a contract carrier in C.H. Robinson. Working together with quality contract carriers all over the world, they coordinate deliveries of tens of thousands of shipments every day. They make it simple for you to find cargo, post trucks, and make your business grow.

If you have this equipment and these abilities, they would like to communicate to you:

•   Specialized

•   Expedited

•   Overweight

•   Local

•   Reefers

•   Flatbeds

•   Over dimensional

•   Alcohol

•   High value

•   Blanket

•   Dray

•   Drop Trailers

•   Team drivers

•   Private fleet

•   Produce/perishables

•   Mexico/Canada

•   Hazmat

•   Wrap

In the U.S. & Canada:

Visit CHRWTrucks or you can call 1-800-323-7587

You’ll need:

  • A Federal or the State Operating Authority (ICC # or MC)
  • Proof of insurance of the minimum of $25,000 cargo & $750,000-automobile liability showing C.H. Robinson, is the certificate holder
  • A complete W-9 form

In Europe, Mexico, South America, Asia, and in the Middle East: you can Call the office near you