Giant Eagle Distribution Center Jobs

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Giant Eagle is one of the largest privately-held and family operated supermarket chain in U.S. It was founded in 1931 by five families and now serving more than millions of customers in Pennsylvannia, West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland. The company ranked number 27 on Forbes magazine’s list of the top private companies in the U.S. Giant Eagle had won different awards for their community involvement, energy management and charitable programs. The company’s corporate headquarters is located in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Giant Eagle started when three families, namely Chait, Goldstein and Porter build a small grocery company which they called Eagle Grocery. The business became successful and expanded to 125 stores. These families sold Eagle Grocery to the Kroger Company in 1928. They leave the grocery business for three years as part of the agreement. Meanwhile, two families, namely Weizenbaum and Moravitz also build their own grocery store which they named OK Grocery and became successful as well. These five families – Chait, Goldstein, Porter, Weizenbaum and Moravitz combine their forces to form Giant Eagle in 1931. They opened their first supermarket in 1936 located on Brownsville Road in Pennsylvania. Inspite of the Great Depression and World War II, Giant Eagle and OK Grocery Food Stores grows firmly throughout the Pittsburgh area. During the 1950’s, the company became the pioneers of the modern supermarket where they introduced their own trading stamp program and profit sharing blue stamps that leads the company for more growth. They also became the first grocers who introduced vertical glass-front freezer cases. In 1960’s, they simplify grocery shopping by upgrading their programs, computerized buying system and automate order filling and loading procedures. They double the size of their warehouse area by purchasing the former Kroger Warehouse located in Lawrenceville. The company continues to innovate their business in 1970’s by introducing open-code dating, sells merchandise with low prices to help families with lean economic situations. Some stores remain open for 24 hours and are open on Sundays. In 1980’s, their business expand by adding some in-store services including pharmacy, housewares, automotive, floral, photo development and video rentals. They also installed bar code scanners at every registers and ATMs as well. The company grows to more than 135 stores in 1990’s and introduced more programs and activity in-store including; Eagles Nest, an activity center for shoppers’ children, Nature’s Basket, for their health-conscious customers all in one place and Giant Eagle Advantage Card, for special discounts and loyalty rewards. Giant Eagle continues to grow and improve their commitment to their customers. They introduced the double your money back program if customers are not completely satisfied with the brands they’ve purchased.

Distribution Center Jobs at Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle Distribution Centers operate seven days a week composing of three shifts a day with a state-of-the-art technology, centralized routing, global positioning systems and warehouse management systems. Their Distribution Centers are located in Pennsylvania and Ohio, which is operated by different positions. Some of the jobs available are as follows.

Distribution Supervisor
You will be responsible in overseeing work activities of personnel and organize the use of systems to make sure they will be safe and effective.

Transportation Supervisor
You will be responsible in overseeing dispatching activities and supervises the department. You will make effective schedules and focus on the safety of each personnel and customer service.

Warehouse Selector
You will be responsible in selecting products that will be sent to the retail stores. You need to be able to lift and carry items up to 80lbs.

You will support the management team in interacting with the labor force and assist the management in daily work flow.

Grow with the Company

There are many job opportunities at Giant Eagle, whether if it’s your first time looking for some job experiences or you want to build a career with the company. They are committed in developing their team members provided with a competitive training. The company offers great benefits for their employee, some of these are as follows; competitive wages, a safe workplace for everyone, company paid training, flexible schedules, paid vacation for full-time and part-time employees and career growth with the company.

The company also developed a 10 week Intern Development Program, which gives opportunity to rising juniors, seniors and recent graduates wherein they will be trained and engaged in different activities and environment of the company. They will be given real jobs in which they should be responsible and accountable with and will be treated as professionals as well.