Things to do during your lunch break

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Find time to relax

If you have just got a new job, in a new area or you are simply just a workaholic who finds it hard to switch off. Then you might be wondering what to do with your lunch break. That whole hour or so that breaks up your working day, before you can go home and relax. Well you will be happy to know that there are plenty of things which can fill up those hours. So before you start panicking about your lunchtime plans just take a minute to think about what you can really do.

If you want to go back to basics and do something really simple, then of course you could always go out and get lunch. There will be plenty of places for you to grab a bite to eat and with a whole hour or so on your hands you can enjoy walking around, the area that you work and finding somewhere. If you are a stickler for bringing a lunch to work, then maybe you could try to find somewhere nice to sit and eat it. Rather than just staying in the office building. Either way the fresh air will do you good.

Works always building upIf you have found that work is building up a little and you’re at a junction of backlog, then why don’t you spend your hour catching up. Not only will you be noticed as the person working through their lunch break, but you will also be getting that work you have put off done. You will feel so much more productive getting something finished than you would sitting for an hour worrying about getting it finished.

If you are feeling a little burnt out, then you could always, if possible pop home for a nap. There have been several studies to back up the health benefits of power napping. Meaning you could go back to work for the afternoon refreshed and alert, rather than guzzling coffee all afternoon to keep yourself awake.Another great way of waking yourself up is going to the gym. Releasing happy endorphins into your body will help you stay relaxed and alert while you finish your afternoon.

If you want to socialize on your lunch break, then you are in the best place. A building full of co-workers. Why don’t you try tagging along with their lunch time plans. Not only will you get to know the people who you spend most days with, but you might actually find yourself making friends. If you don’t fancy getting to know the people in your building, then why don’t you make plans with an out of work friend. To meet you at your lunch time.

If all else fails, why don’t you get your cell phone out and play a few games. Angry birds is always something which can help to pass the hours. You will find yourself due back into work in no time, and sometimes no levels completed! However, this can leave you with more of a stress than when you first left for your lunch. So it isn’t really that recommended.