Steel Distribution Center Jobs

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The U.S. Steel Company is the biggest integrated steel producer in the nation. Founded in 1901, it has remained strong (like its products) throughout the various tests of time. Now dealing with more than just steel, the company is in need of dedicated people who can fill the vacant Steel Distribution Center jobs, such as these ones:

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Maintenance Process Manager

Be part of the country’s biggest steel company by applying for the Steel Distribution Center jobs for Maintenance Process Managers. Whilst the company has many openings for entry-level jobs, you can reinforce your leadership skills with its mid-level employment opportunities.

For this supervisory job, you will be in charge of doing the following:

  • Apply mechanical and electrical knowledge in order to maximize distribution center activities.
  • Ensure that workers follow company policies and stipulations.
  • Maintain the system of spare parts.
  • Request for parts, equipment, and machines as needed.
  • Interpret job orders and assign such specifications to respective employees.
  • Make recommendations that can improve warehouse performance and efficiency.
  • Initiate projects or activities that can benefit employees and entire distribution center system as well.
  • Manage payroll records and other pertinent documents.
  • Coordinate with members of other teams as needed.
  • Manage activities to meet the needs of respective departments.

If you are interested in applying for these Steel Distribution Center jobs, you have to possess the following requirements:

  • 2 year certification in Electrical Maintenance
  • At least 3 years’ experience in a related field
  • Experience in production or manufacturing field
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good computer skills

Shift Manager – Utilities Maintenance

Safety and security are the top priorities of the US Steel Company. These are the foremost reasons why there are Steel Distribution Center jobs for Utilities Maintenance Shift Managers. Again, this is one of the best mid-level job opportunities that the company can offer.

For this position, you are expected to do the following:

  • Ensure that the US Steel Safety Program is in place in order to maintain a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Apply engineering principles to resolve mechanical problems and improve daily operating activities.
  • Direct, supervise, and oversee maintenance employees.
  • Implement preventative maintenance programs to ensure the smooth flow of distribution center work activities.
  • Carry out administrative tasks such as scheduling personnel, accomplishing production reports, conducting safety procedures, among many others.

To qualify for Shift Manager Steel Distribution Center jobs, applicants need to possess the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Business or equivalent
  • At least 3 years’ experience in warehouse, manufacturing, or industrial environment
  • Exceptional leadership skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure

Shift Manager

Another one of the available Steel Distribution Center jobs for you is that of the Shift Manager. This is a mid-level opening that can help you refine your leadership and supervisory skills. This job focuses on the general tasks in the warehouse, compared to the opening above which is focused on utilities maintenance.

The tasks of this employee are the following:

  • Ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures are being followed in the warehouse.
  • Implement cost-effective procedures and methods that can improve operations.
  • Implement production plans that will ensure that all client needs are met.
  • Ensure that facility machineries are working well.
  • Assist employees in the diagnosis/follow-up of defective equipment.
  • Reduce unit downtime.
  • Perform administrative tasks as needed.
  • Supervise warehouse employees.
  • Work with contractors and vendors.
  • Report to the area manager as needed.

To become a shift manager, these are the requirements you need to possess:

  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent, Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • At least 2 years’ work experience in overseeing warehouse employees
  • Willingness to work rotating shifts, including weekends and holidays
  • Good leadership skills
  • Impeccable communication skills