Burlington Coat Factory Distribution Center Jobs

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If you are in the lookout for affordable home products and apparels, then set your sights on the Burlington Coat Factory. With its 567 stores, the company is in need of numerous employees who can fulfill Burlington’s goals.

Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time employment opportunity, here are some Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs that might appeal to you:

Distribution Center Assistant Manager

The distribution center assistant manager is one of the top Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs. The said position entails the following responsibilities:

  • Supervise various warehouse activities
  • Oversee the productivity of the distribution center
  • Manage labor quantities to match production levels
  • Evaluate staff, employee methods, and warehouse procedures
  • Recruit, train, and develop staff
  • Promote training programs for current employees

Ticketing Material Handler

If you are up to the company’s challenge of delivering cheap yet quality goods, then you will enjoy a job as a ticketing material handler. Applicants for these Burlington Coat Factory distribution jobs are expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Move cartons to and from pallets and conveyors
  • Ensure that conveyors are freely moving and without jams
  • Assist the Ticketing Department members with other activities
  • Keep the warehouse clean and orderly

Ticketing Bulk Handler

Another one of the Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs that you should apply for is that of the Ticketing Bulk Handler. The responsibilities for the said job include the following:

  • Affix tickets with the use of gum labels or ticketing gun
  • Size and secure price tags and place them on the appropriate products
  • Open cartons with the use of box cutters, and reseal them with tape guns
  • Build pallets from a conveyor
  • Put and remove cartons on the conveyor
  • Keep the work area clean and organized

Put to Light Material Handler

There are many Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs – whether you are young or old. One opportunity you should try out is that of the Put to Light Material Handler, which is in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Pack merchandise in a timely manner
  • Verify documents with the corresponding packages
  • Match the merchandise’s PO number, quantity, style, and color
  • Put cartons on the conveyor
  • Release cartons accordingly
  • Maintain a safe and organized working area

Distribution Center Inventory Cycle Counter

Maintaining appropriate inventory is vital to the health of the warehouse. To assure the smooth operations of the center, there are numerous openings for Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs – specifically that of a distribution center inventory cycle counter. The tasks associated with this job are the following:

  • Independently count the reserve stocks of the warehouse
  • Create inventory reports and send them to the Audit Department for the needed research
  • Pull and put away pallets and merchandise
  • Operate forklifts (certification required)
  • Resolve the issues seen in cycle counting

Shipping Loader

Because of the huge demand for products, merchandise should reach the stores in an efficient and timely manner. Assuring this is the shipping loader, just one of the open Burlington Coat Factory distribution center jobs. The responsibilities of the shipping loader are the following:

  • Handle the processing of orders
  • Hand load trailers
  • Use a hand truck or forklift, whichever is needed
  • Remove cartons from the conveyor system
  • Assure the right packaging of products
  • Place cartons and non-conveyable items in the appropriate storage locations
  • Plan, load, and organize trucks, such as trailers and skids
  • Scan and piece counts for clients

Shipping Sorter Operator

The shipment of products needs to be in perfect order, especially this holiday season. One of the workers who can assure this is the shipping sorter operator, who needs to perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure that the boxes are flowing
  • Clear the lines of any jams
  • Perform other tasks as needed