Schenker Distribution Center Jobs

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DB Schenker is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics and transportation activities. Deutsche Bahn is the world’s second largest transportation and logistics services. DB Schenker stands for its performance, service and safety of logistics tasks and requirements. The company is present in some 130 countries around the globe, where they work in the network, but operate locally with over 91,000 employees. They have been a partner of the automotive, consumer goods and high-tech industries for many years.


Gottfried Schenker founded the forwarding company Schenker in July of 1872 in Vienna together with two business partners. Gottfried Schenker most significant achievement for the company was the development of the international groupage consignment which turned into a new, low-cost, high speed transport system. He organized the first groupage consignment service from Paris to Vienna then expanded from England and Germany. Schenker was the first to offer a fixed freight tariff for general cargo of all kinds. During Schenker’s life there were 32 branches added in European countries prior to his death in 1901. The company earned an international reputation at the World Exhibition 1889 in Paris. In 1920’s, forwarders and their motor vehicles started to have conflict between the railways and road haulers. During the course of 1930, Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft concluded a secret cooperation contract with a Schenker subsidiary of Deutsche Bahnspedition Schenker & Co., they called it Schenker Contract which intention was to reduce freight transport costs for the German economy. In January 1931, Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft bought the Schenker Group to expand its influence on freight transport. Schenker remains independent in formal terms and was still run by some of the previous partners, but the company was still under the control of the Reichsbahn. Together with Schenker, Deutsche Bundesbahn also had a direct or indirect holding in numerous other transport companies and is Europe’s largest transport company. Schenker is a key-account customer of Deutsche Bundesbahn. In March 1985, the German government decided to proceed with partial privatization of Schenker Co. GmbH. And for the time being, this was the end of Schenker’s role at Deutsche Bundesbahn’s forwarding company.

Jobs at DB Schenker Distribution Center

Warehouse Supervisor
As a Warehouse Supervisor, you will be responsible of the warehouse particularly in coaching and developing warehouse associates to utilize their skills. This job is a supervisory position. Candidates should have two years of related supervisory experience and has good interpersonal skills.

Shipment Planner Coordinator
As a Shipment Planner Coordinator, you will be responsible for monitoring work priority and product availability. Ensure documents are complete and current, manage Delay Coding daily and GMA inventory. The candidates should have a solid interpersonal, communication and analytical skills, preferably at least one year of related experience.

Warehouse person Specialist
As a Warehouse person Spec, you will be responsible for loading and unloading freight accurately, do inventory control and other warehouse related duties to ensure timely and accurate delivery of freight to the customers. The candidates should have at least High school diploma. You should have 4-6 years experience and familiar with OSHA regulations. You should able to operate a variety of equipment such as forklift and a computer.

How to Apply at DB Schenker?
There are three ways to apply at DB Schenker. First, through their online portal or e-mail. If you will send your application via email, a short introduction of yourself in the body of email is required. Attach all your relevant documents to the email. The attachments should be Word or PDF files and should not exceed in 5mb total. Second, you can apply through a classic approach which is application by post. And lastly, if there is no available post for you, but you have a clear idea of what you are applying for they can still receive your application. The following questions will help your application stand out:
• Is your application complete?
• Does your covering letter stand out?
• Have you checked your spelling and layout?
• Have you focused on relevant information only
If you answer all “yes” for the following questions, then you are ready to submit your application with the company.

What the company offers?

At DB Schenker, they offer a multifaceted career both geographically and professionally. They endeavor to fill vacant management and specialist positions from among their own ranks. The company aims to have the best workforce by providing them programs, seminars and workshops that will broaden their teams and grow professionally.