Shaw’s distribution center jobs

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All about Shaw
Shaw Flooring has been in the business since 1946 and for the past forty years, they have been voted #1 in the industry for having high-quality flooring and services. Originally, Shaw was a small Star Dye Company that focused on dyed rugs. Through that, they developed themselves into one of the world’s largest carpet manufacturers. Today, Shaw is now a full-service flooring shaws logo

company, that brings in over $4 billion dollars annually and has over 25,000 employees. Aside from their own success, Shaw focuses in contributing back to the local communities by working with St. Jude and United Way. If you’re interested in working with a company that is not only successful but invests into the community, then consider a position with Shaw.

Job opportunities available at Shaw’s distribution center
If you’re interested in a distribution center job at Shaw, then we’re here to help you get that job. Firstly, when working for Shaw, they offer their employees a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical, dental, disability, life insurance, vacation, critical illness plan and a competitive industry salary. By ensuring that their employees are well taken care of, Shaw continues to develop and grow in the industry.
Now, there are various distribution positions available at Shaw. We provided you with a couple examples of the possible opportunities available at Shaw.
If you’re interested in being on the road, then there are positions as a Driver. As a driver, you would be delivering flooring products from the distribution center to the place of delivery. This requires you to have at least 24 years of age, and the ability to drive a tractor/trailer. You have to pass drug screening and physical tests, hold a valid Class A-CDL and have two years of experience with tractor/trailer driving. This position is ideal for those who enjoy driving and active environments.
If you’re interested in working within the distribution center, then you should consider applying as a Warehouse Coordinator. As a warehouse coordinator, you’re responsible for maintaining the overall functioning of the warehouse and organizing the materials within the warehouse. In addition, you must conduct inventories, and authorize purchasing agents and accounts payable. Overall, a warehouse coordinator keeps the distribution center in motion. For this position, you need to have a high school diploma or GED as well as a valid driver’s license. It’s preferable if you have knowledge of the functioning of the equipment, a knowledge of the product and are comfortable with mathematics.
Now that you have some examples of what’s available, we recommend you go to their website and look further into the current opportunities available.

Tips to help you get the job

Now that you know some of the opportunities available at Shaw Floors, go online and look up available positions at However, before applying here are some helpful tips to help land you that job.

Take the time to research the positions you’re interested in. It’s important to understand what the position requires and if you feel that that’s something you’d like to to. Also, make sure that the position suits your lifestyle. Do you like shift work? Working with heavy equipment? Prefer distribution environments? Do you work on weekends? Make sure you know what you’re looking for in terms of job structure.

Also, make sure to read the requirements necessary for the position. If you don’t have the requirements see if the company offers training or if the certification is obtainable during the interview process.

Be open and honest. It’s much easier to be honest on your CV. If you make it to an interview, be honest about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has them, and they will find them out sooner or later.
So get online and apply! Good luck!