Sheetz Distribution Center Jobs

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With more than 400 stores in over six in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio, Sheetz has become one of the biggest family-run companies in the United States. Founded in 1952 by Bob Sheetz, it now has several warehouses that demand for numerous Sheetz distribution center jobs.

Sheetz Distribution Center Jobs

Being the major company that it is, you will be glad to know that there are many Sheetz distribution center jobs for you to choose from. Whether you are an entry-level applicant or an experienced driver, the company boasts of a wide array of Sheetz distribution center jobs.

Distribution Center Team Member

If you are looking for entry-level Sheetz distribution center jobs, then the distribution center team member opening is perfect for you. For this job, the only basic requirement is a high school diploma/GED equivalent, although prior experience in food service or warehousing is preferred.

For such Sheetz distribution center jobs, there are three main functions: shipping, receiving, and mezzanine duty. The employee is in charge of doing the following:

  • Selecting, stacking, and loading pallets
  • Unloading trucks
  • Verifying products delivered
  • Storing and moving goods

Distribution Services Team Member

Sheetz Bros. Kitchen is a one-stop shop for delicious baked goods, including donuts, cinnamon rolls, and fritters. To keep these foodstuffs clean and yummy, the distribution center should remain spic and span. This is where Sheetz distribution center jobs for team members come in.

For this job, the team member is expected to do the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Operating sanitation equipment
  • Snow removal

Because of the temperatures within the warehouse, applicants for these Sheetz distribution center jobs will receive cold play differentials.

Inventory Control Specialist

Sheetz is dedicated in delivering ‘fresh food made to order.’ To make this possible, all things in the warehouse should fall into place. To keep the supply chain in flawless motion is the inventory control specialist, one of the many Sheetz distribution center jobs available for qualified applicants.

The inventory control specialist’s primary task is to ensure that inventory information is complete and accurate. Other responsibilities include:

  • Checking inbound products
  • Maintaining accurate inventory records
  • Performing audits on schedule
  • Collaborating with inventory control teams
  • Creating inventory reports
  • Assisting in correcting order discrepancies

As with most Sheetz distribution center jobs, the basic educational requirement is a high school diploma/GED equivalent.

Warehouse Operations Team Member

There is no “I” in team – and this perhaps is the essence of Sheetz distribution center jobs. One of the job openings that adhere to the need for teamwork and coherence is the warehouse operations team member. This opening is for Sheetz’s distribution center in Clayburg, Pennsylvania.

The team member’s main functions including choosing items due for delivery and supporting the distribution center team as needed. Other duties include:

  • Choosing products
  • Loading products to pallets
  • Completing logs in production, equipment inspection, and master cleaning, to name a few
  • Handling inventories safely
  • Reporting circumstances that can inhibit safety, accuracy or optimum team performance

Fresh Food Delivery Driver

Sheetz’ guiding slogan is ‘fresh food made to order.’ Making this possible for all the hungry customers is the fresh food delivery driver, one of the most important Sheetz distribution center jobs.

The main responsibility of the fresh food delivery driver is to transport fresh food products to any of the six states where Sheetz stores operate. Because of the nature of store operations, these deliveries should be made during the evenings.

Due to the varying weathers and nighttime deliveries, the minimum driving experience required is five years. The records will be counter-checked with the Motor Vehicle Registry. Once hired, fresh food delivery drivers will be asked to go defensive driving and food safety courses.

These Sheetz distribution center jobs will cater to the vacancies in its warehouse in Burlington, North Carolina.