Big Lots distribution center jobs

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The logo of Big Lots

The logo of Big Lots

Big Lots is an American chain of department stores. It’s a Fortune 500 corporation. Here we take a look at distribution center opportunities at Big Lots.

Company History –
Big Lots began as Consolidated Stores Corporation in Ohio. It was started by Sol Shenk. In the year 1982, the first closeout store called ‘Odd Lots’ was opened in Columbus, Ohio. The name Odd Lots was only given to the stores within a certain radius of Columbus. Outside of this radius, Odd Lots stores were renamed as ‘Big Lots’. The company, in the year 1994 acquired Toy Liquidators. That resulted in 82 stores being added in 38 states. Today, the chain has more than 1,400 stores in 47 states in the country.

Jobs at Big Lots distribution centers
Some of the jobs you can work at Big Lots distribution centers are:

Power Equipment Operator: As a power equipment operator, your job is to record the movement of all merchandise from the time it is received until its selection and distribution, using RF units, scanners, CRTs or hard copy reports. You will operate various manual or powered material handling equipment to transport pallets of merchandise inside the facility. You will move empty pallets and storage racks to a specified location and stack them in a neat and orderly manner. You will also audit, verify and complete a variety of paperwork pertaining to production to ensure accuracy and completeness of orders. For this position, you must have good English and math skills. Familiarity with computers and scanners would be helpful. One of the important things you need to know about this position is that you must have 20/20 vision or corrected vision to 20/20 and depth perception. You must not have a fear of heights and you must be able to lift weights of at least 60 lbs, with maximum weights being up to 110 lbs. Another very important thing to note is that you must be able to pass the in-house training program for powered material handling equipment operators license.

Loss Prevention Officer: As a Loss Prevention Officer, your job is to conduct security investigations and audits. You will ensure compliance with company’s security policies and company standards of safety and facility maintenance. You will document and report issues relating to fire, life safety, OSHA compliance, company policy, dishonest activity or any other issues relating to the protection of company assets (property and human assets, that is associates). You will report findings to DC Loss Prevention Supervisor and/or DC Loss Prevention Manager. you will also be involved in the installation of various security equipments such as CCTVs. A prior experience in the area of Law Enforcement is preferred for this position. You must have a High School Diploma or GED along with a valid driver’s license. Also, you must pass criminal background check. Working knowledge of basic OSHA regulations, physical security, CPR/AED and First Aid is preferred. Note that Big Lots provides internship for Loss Prevention position to prepare you for taking on the position of Loss Prevention Officer.

The distribution centers are located in the following places:

2855 Selma Highway

Montgomery, AL 36108

12434 Fourth Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

300 Phillipi Road – Building 500
Columbus, OH 43228

2306 Enterprise Drive
Durant, OK 74701

50 Rausch Creek Road
Tremont, PA 17981

Benefits offered by Big Lots –
The healthcare benefits offered by Big Lots are Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription coverage and Company-paid as well as supplemental life insurance. You also get short and long-term disability benefits and paid sick days.

The other benefits offered by the company are Employee assistance, Relocation assistance, Educational assistance, Associate Merchandise discount, 401(k) savings plan with company match, Flexible Spendings Account, Company-paid holidays and competitive vacation plan.

Applying for a job at Big Lots –
To apply for a position at Big Lots, you will have to print out an application and take it to the Distribution Center. Here is the link to the application that you will need to print:
In the interview for warehouse positions, you won’t be asked any difficult questions, just questions pertaining to your ability to lift weights, your availability etc. The average salary for a stocker is $8.38/hr with the highest reported salary being $9/hr and the lowest being $7/hr. Employee satisfaction is not something the company can boast about, as most employees are very dissatisfied with their jobs owing to little growth opportunities and senior management. Only 40% approve of the C.E.O Steve Fishman.


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