Nippon Express Distribution Center Jobs

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Nippon Express logo

Nippon Express USA, INC, was founded 1962 as a subordinate of Nippon Express Company Ltd. It is currently functioning in 54 locations in the United States of America, having their offices in Canada and Mexico.

Nippon Express acts as your logistics adviser, offering one-stop business resolutions that join people and companies far beyond regional and national boundaries, via various logistics modes, air, integrating land and marine transport.

They strive to uphold and enhance their world-class quality, encouraging globally-recognized human resource growth and accomplishments. Nippon Express was established in 1937 operating a global network that deals with the five areas: Japan, Europe and America as well as South Asia and East Asia/Oceania having 402 locations, in two hundred and fourteen cities in over 38 countries. Attracting fully on a broad array of sea, land and air transportation, they offer one-stop business resolution as a supply consultant that conjoins people and various companies all over national and regional boundaries.

Nippon Express transports load over an international network of over 1,000 air routes. Their air cargo services are complete, transporting from Japan to the whole world, or vice-versa. Combining the current equipment and system with their own united operations, they provide fast, and high-quality services.

They can ship goods in their own containers, and provide a broad selection of transporting options supported by the recent information systems. They have good experience and great expertise in offering a wide mixture of transportation options, including; Nippon Express is the third-country shipping for best global logistic services.
• Flow of services
• Transportation method
• AFR Service
• Arrow International
• Information Forwarder

Nippon Express design creates an efficient distribution network among their company-operated facilities, this is no matter how ordinary, or complex the logistics needs might be,

Case Studies
Corporations recently operate all over the globe, and Nippon Express USA acts a big role in assisting modern businesses gain benefit from the advantages that third-party supply makes possible.

Cargo Insurance
In order to meet customer’s needs, Nippon Express provides optional cargo insurance cover. This cover caters for all risk coverage if the shipment gets lost or damaged during transit.

Truck Services
With an important network of assets and non-asset founded LTL and FTL carriers, they provide incorporated, multi-modal transport solutions to over 98 percent in the U.S., and also service out and into Canada and Mexico.

Supply Chain Solutions
Clients prefer Nippon Express to make logistics into a profit center. Their skilled personnel and processes add great value to their products and open great new export markets.

Nippon Express culture attracts the most talented individuals.
Customers trust Nippon Express with their own business as they show unique dedication and great attention to detail as a Nippon Express employee. Hence it is dominant to their success in the organization to promote employment standards that draw in and maintain the most gifted people.
If you wish to join a world-class industry with career growth potential, be part of the Nippon Express team.

Employee Benefits
• Medical coverage (CIGNA) and Healthy Rewards
• Delta Dental on Dental coverage
• Life Insurance
• Accident Insurance on Business Travel
• Short Term and long term Insurance on Disability
• Benefits of 401(k)
• Flexible Spending Accounts
• Employee Assistance Program
• Relocation Policy
• Auto and MetLife Home Insurance
• Dell Employees Purchase Program
• Working Advantages
• Savings on Entertainment

Job Listings
Nippon Express USA is in need of:
Team Leader
• Air Import Supervisor in New York Branch
• Global Sales Managers in LA & Seattle
• Global Sales Manager in San Francisco
• Sales Account Executive in San Francisco Branch
Mention the Job Title and the Location in the cover letter. Submit your cover letter and your resume online, if you wish to work with them.