Trader Joe’s Distribution Center Jobs

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If you are looking forwards to working in a specialty grocery store, then start your search by making an application to trader Joe’s distribution center jobs. The company as from March 2013 had a record 398 stores with nearly half of them within the state of California. The heaviest concentration of this companies chain stores were in southern California. However, the company also has branches of its chain stores within 30 other states in the United States including Washington D.C.

Brief Company History

Founded in 1979 by Joe Coulumbe in the greater Los Angeles area, Trader Joe’s has grown from a single store to the great chain store that it is today with offices in Monrovia, California and Boston Massachusetts after the German family trust Markus-Stiftung took the reins back in the year 1979.

Trader Joes Distribution Center Jobs

In order to be employed at any Trader Joe’s chain store, there are several minimal requirements that one needs to meet. First and foremost, you need to possess the obvious legal requirement. You must be above the age of 18 years old. After passing this requirement, you need to qualify for the various available positions. Currently, there are 93 openings for a position of assistant store manager in the company’s 93 chain store branches around the nation. If you are looking to apply for the position in any one of the companies’ chain stores, then you need to have the following qualities in order to be considered for the position.

First, you need to be a people’s person if you are to be considered for this position. You need to have great interpersonal skills in that, you should have the ability of making people smile, you need to have a great taste for good food and be formal to the point that you are the type of person that prefers Hawaiian shirts to business suits while you are working.  If you possess these qualities, then consider an application for this position.

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Another thing, you must possess at least two years experience in a retail, restaurant or hospitality field. You must also possess at least a year experience in your previous work experience a managerial or supervisory position. You must also have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable learning institution.

The benefit of securing such a position is that you can qualify to be promoted to a higher managerial position. Qualifying for such a position requires someone who has more experience and is will undergo 12 months of training within two or three local stores towards that. The said person will be under the direction of the Regional Vice President.  In conclusion, to jump straight forwards to this position, you need to first have 5 years working in the retail, hospitality or management sector. You also have to have a minimal 2 years experience working as an experienced salaried store manager, general manager or district manager. You also need to have a good history of rapid promotions and rising responsibilities under your tenure within the position which you have previously worked in. you also stand to have a plus if you are willing to relocate.

Though the company expects a lot, they also give back a lot for your trouble. A new recruit will rake in an average range of between $40,000 and $75,000 a year. This comes with the benefit of enjoying two consecutive days off.

 Getting hired at trader Joe’s distribution center

In your application, you need to give reasons why you would like to work at trader Joe’s. You also need to specify the closest trader Joe’s store to your location and if you are willing to relocate. You also need to specify which of the store’s products happen to be your favorite and the reason behind it. If you think that you can make this mark, then trader Joe’s might be looking for you.