Unified Distribution Center Jobs

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United Natural Foods, Inc or UNFI is one of the top natural and organic food distributors in America. The products they offer are natural food supplements and other organic products which are indeed supporting healthy living.

Besides the UNFI’s distribution of natural and organic food products and supplements, they also provide services such as marketing using effective promotional tools and customer support just to name a few.

The mission and vision of the company is to promote wellness using their products that’s high in quality and that’s derived from the bounty of nature. This in turn makes UNFI a one of a kind company that provides the best to their faithful and new clients.

Tracing Back the Company History

The health and wellness endeavors of UNFI started during the 70’s. This era was also the time where natural food product promotions sky rocketed. Before UNFI was revealed in the market, Michael Funk started the Mountain People’s Warehouse and distributed organic foods to his clients. With a small budget and a Volkswagen van to drive his perishable goods, the business went smooth and in a steady flow.

During this time, Cornucopia Natural Foods was also established by Norman Cloutier and business was indeed a success and additional distributors were also acquired which was Rainbow Natural Foods.

After a few years, both company’s (Mountain People’s Warehouse and Cornicupia) eventually merged to form a bigger and more effective company and thus launching UNFI. Since then, the company has tied up with other distributors to provide the best services to their ever growing customers in America.

UNFI Distribution Center Offers Job Opportunities

The best thing about UNFI is they also create and provide job opportunities for people who are in need to have a decent income. Well, this is also a part of their expansion endeavor for their business, since the company is further growing and more and more workforce is needed.1

So if in case you are vying to have a position and be a part of the company. Here are some of the job offers which you can apply for.

  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Distribution and Warehouse Operations
  • Business Analysis
  • Drivers
  • Transportations and Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Entry Level
  • Human Resources
  • Executive
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Sustainability

These job offers are readily available for you to grab as long as you have the skills and the knowledge in providing and finishing the tasks demands to further enhance the company’s business. Of course you are a liability in the company once you are absorbed so take this opportunity my friend.

Benefits You Can Get While Working At  the UNFI Distribution Center

Once you’ve become a part of the company’s ever expanding business, you are also able to gain the best benefits. Take note, it’s not just all about work in this company since you may also gain what you have worked for. So here now are some of the benefits provided by UNFI.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Insurance
  • Healthy Food Purchasing Program – Food and other products you buy into the company has a discount (25%)
  • Company bonuses
  • Events

There are more of these benefits once you’ve become a part of UNFI.

Why You Should Work At UNFI

Working at UNFI is simply a good step for you. You’ll find it very enticing to become one of the employees of the company and you are assured of having the best opportunity in years to come with great benefits along the way as you work through success with UNFI.

Become a part of UNFI now and be a part of their success!