Exel Logistics Distribution Center Jobs

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Their world is challenging, satisfying and at all times in motion. They are proud of their supportive work surroundings where affiliates are given the best tools and training they require to learn, succeed and grow.

They do this by providing progressive, specified supply chain resolutions and third-party logistics to the world’s best largest and highly successful companies. Their supply chain designs, transportation, fulfillment, consulting, warehousing and services assist companies to be more efficient and more militant. In every case, their customer is at all times the center of all they do, starting from first-situation analysis to their continuous progress programs that help to deliver the best results every day.

Working in a Distribution WarehouseExel is a part of SUPPLY CHAIN division in Deutsche Post-DHL, world’s biggest logistics group, with over two eighty-five thousand workers in over two hundred and twenty countries and territories all over the world and in 2011 annual income of 55 billion Euros plus. They are the greatest contract logistics provider in the United States of Americas all thanks to the hard work of over 40,000 members in more than 500 plus sites all over the U.S., Latin America and Canada. Together they generate $4.5 billion plus in annual revenues.

People are Exel’s very important asset. Their position in supply chain management and the third-party logistics is at once related to the knowledge and skills that each Exel affiliate brings to the organization and their customers.

They are searching for smart, great people with different backgrounds, those people  who prefer asking questions, quick in solving problems, and are not afraid to insist on finding the best ways to do their duties. These types of people are who winning logistics companies have.

At Exel, they all share common values which are set to deliver great quality. To make their customers more successful, to further openness, to form and go on with priorities, to be entrepreneurial and, also, be equally responsible and act with great integrity.They are some of the things that bring them together as affiliates and sets them apart from some other logistics companies. As a result, people who work with expectations to go far  are most likely to raise big expectations that are what they always do every day. They promise their customers the greatest  possible supply chain management experiences, and their people ensure this promise into reality.

Exel is considered as an Equal Opportunity Employer located in the United States.
They are equal opportunity employers, and it is the duty and responsibility of all affiliates to maintain and create a surrounding free of banned discriminatory acts or even behavior. It is, therefore, their policy on recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, assigning, compensating and in the best ways to treat persons in co-operation with all set laws and with no regard to disability, races, color, gender, marital status citizenship, religion, gender identity, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or any other forbidden ground of favoritism under applicable law.

The following are some of the jobs for you to apply for;
Apply today and get a chance of your lifetime.

Safety VestPart time local driver
They are searching for a number of part-time drivers to gain their income by performing occasional weekend or fill-in shifts

Application Engineer
Offers contractual service and give assistance to the customers using problem solving techniques in regard to the Company’s applications, solutions and also, products.

Intern in Digital Banking
First Republic (CA), Nanigi East
In the position of the Intern are client skills and client maintaining. Those in the given position work with their sales teams to make sure on the boarding process.

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