Albertsons distribution center jobs

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The Albertsons logo

The Albertsons logo

Albertsons is an American supermarket chain that is owned by SuperValu Inc. and Cerberus Capital Management and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho. Let’s take a look at distribution center opportunities at Albertsons.

Company History –
Albertsons was founded in Boise, Idaho by Joe Albertson.The first store was very successful and after World War 2, the company grew steadily. In the 1990s, the company went through series of acquisitions and expanded rapidly. However, in the year 2005, the company was up for sale due to its inability to compete with competitors. It was bought in the year 2006 by SuperValu Inc and Cerberus Capital Management. Today, it has over 200 locations and employs more than 2,34,000 people.

Jobs available at Albertsons distribution centers

There are several job opportunities at Albertsons warehouses. You can choose to work as a general warehouse associate, maintenance mechanic, warehouse order selector, quality control inspector. As a maintenance mechanic, you will be conducting preventative maintenance of warehouse equipments and repairing any damaged equipments. This position usually requires prior experience and experience handling warehouse machinery. As an order selector, your job is to select merchandise ordered by stores. As a general warehouse associate, you will use forklifts and hand trucks to move merchandise, label and palletize merchandise and perform other duties in the warehouse as assigned. You can also work as a Loss Prevention officer where you will be in charge of the protection of all of Albertsons’ assets. You will report incidents of theft and safety violations to the supervisor. To work as a Loss Prevention associate, you will need to be well aware of the company’s security policies. Prior experience is usually required for the position of Loss Prevention associate.

Albertsons’ distribution centers are located in the following places:

Boise, Idaho
Brea, California
Irvine, California
Portland, Oregon
Salt Lake City, Utah

Benefits offered by Albertsons –
Albertsons offers benefits such as:
Employee Stock Purchase Plan, 401(k) Retirement plan, Tuition Reimbursement, Health benefits (medical, dental, vision), Disability insurance, Adoption assistance, paid time off, paid vacation, sick leave, discounts on Albertsons services.

Applying online for a job at an Albertsons’ distribution center –
To apply online for Albertsons warehouse jobs, click here:;#38;Site=-3amp;#38;k=no. That link will take you to a page giving you the option to select State or City or search by Zip code. Another convenient way to go about it is by clicking here:
The above link takes you to the careers page of the company. Scroll down and you will see a section covering the supply chain services which includes links to all of Albertsons distribution centers. You can click on the desired choice, which should begin the process of application. Click on ‘Apply Now’ button, which will take you to a page with a link to Privacy policy and two buttons, exit and next. Click ‘Next’. Based on the position you are applying for, the application process might take anywhere between 10 to 50 minutes to complete. Your application will remain active for 90 days. At one of the pages before the application actually begins, you will be prompted to create a restart code and password. What this does is, it allows you to restart your application at any other time in case you are not able to complete your application. The restart code and password will be valid for up to 48 hours. Create one and begin the application process.

Below are additional pointers to help you get a better idea of Albertsons distribution center opportunities:

  • The average salary for a Receiver at Albertsons is $15.94/hr with the lowest reported salary being $10/hr and the highest reported salary being $21/hr.
  • The average salary for a Loss Prevention officer at Albertsons is $14.41/hr with the lowest reported salary being $14/hr and the highest being $15/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “Tell me of a time when you had multiple tight deadlines to meet, and how did you meet them?”
  • Sample interview question – “Can you work nights, holidays, and weekends?”
  • You will be queried on the contents of your resume or might be asked to walk the interviewer through your resume.

That is all about warehouse job opportunities at Albertsons. As far as employee satisfaction goes, the response is largely neutral and 54% approve of the C.E.O Bob Miller.


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