Panalpina Distribution Center Jobs

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The Panalpina Group is the world’s superior providers of supply chain methods joining global Air freight and Ocean Freight by using broad Value-Added supply Services and also the Supply Chain Services. All thanks to in-depth-industry knowledge and specified IT systems; Panalpina offers global integrated end-to-end methods specifically meant for their customers supply chain direction requirement.

The Panalpina Group functions in an international network with over 500 branches in over 80 countries and has employed about 15,000 people all over the world. Panalpina’s incorporated logistics provide global air Freight services, both in the commercial and the international airfreight networks. In addition, Panalpina provides the best world class in ocean freight and both LCL and FCL services function as an NVOCC using Container Express Line.

With their complete expertise in all of the major industries like Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Fashion and Chemicals; they can offer to their customers the perfect balancing between performance and price. Their logistics services range from Warehouse Corporation, inward services, production and aftermarket services and also distribution.


They engage people for their right job prepared with the right skills and knowledge for today and tomorrow this is their philosophy.

Those who work in Panalpina add value to their success. Working as one, and drawing from their different talents and views, they will get new and great creative chances for their business. Together they create a more rewarding and exciting environment for every employee. People are directly rewarded for their performance.

They respect the dignity and rights of all employees. They work hard to be the best company that draws in great people, regardless of the background, lifestyle or beliefs. They commit to creating and working environment that has respect and mutual trust, a place where inclusion and differences are valued, also, where workers are heard and called for in raising the team’s performance.

They are committed to making sure that their workers know exactly what is required of them in the jobs they are involved in and are assisted to grow their abilities using constructive and open conversations concerning their duties and their career focus. Panalpina works hard to make sure that all workers are accredited and rewarded well for their performance.

Regardless of if you are searching to work within their core operations of global Ocean and air Freight, Supply Chain and logistics Services, or offer support to the business in any of their inside service operations, this is the right place for you. Panalpina provides a broad range of career chances with a global aspect and offers you the possibility to live in your passion for your own solutions.

To discover their international job possibilities and to get the job that suits you best, please visit their career portal.

Considered as the worldwide leaders in the industry, Panalpina provides a fascinating working environment and great job opportunities. They reward spectacular achievements using performance-based incentive plans. Panacademy, the practical collective training and development program, intends to upgrade abilities and knowledge of their employees and prepare them for internal talents for global work appointments.

The most talented people

Panalpina works very hard to be the leader of choice in their industry. For the purpose of achieving their corporate objectives, they have to draw in the most gifted and talented individuals on the market and also to keep and maintain their high performing workers within their company. They focus on individuals who embrace their core values, reflects in their ways the Panalpina spirit of a passion for great solutions and who turn challenges in the company into promising chances.