Ahold distribution center jobs

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Their associates are the heart of the business. Without dedicated, highly productive people, the distribution center may not be successful as it is now. Many career paths in ASC start in their distribution center, though they are happy to take applications and also resumes for any particular position.
The following are their current opportunities:

Cuts and stock cases product to keep proper stock levels, this is for the sake of order selection. It is a good opportunity that will guarantee a move ahead. The job requires repetitive lifting and bending of full cases of products up to 60lbs.

Overnight Replenishment
Stocker’s duties include cutting the tops off cases of a product and positioning them on shelves so that Order Selectors can pick a product from there.
The position is entitled to inducement pay and that requires continuous lifting of full cases of a particular product that weigh up-to 60 lbs. Overnight comrades’ start as Stockers and can be qualified to train in overnight truck positions after 90 days having good performance.

Order Selectors

They will have to choose a product in less than full case amounts. They will have to work every single Saturday plus 3 or 4 on weekdays. It is a faster job that may keep you going (you may walk 5-10 miles in a single day). This position is eligible for motivational pay.

Cycle Counter
This position will require physical count of the product in the distribution center in both less-than-full-case and full case units in comparison with the stock system numbers. Part-Time 1and 1-15 Hours per Week is the requirement for working.

This is a good position for all students, those looking forward to supplementing their income, or for someone else searching for part-time weekend or evening work.18 years of age.

Recruiting Specialist
This position of Recruiting Specialist is liable for managing all employment activities including; screening, identifying, selecting and assessing qualified internal and external candidates to fill up positions levels of the organization.

Maintenance Mechanic – 2nd Shift
This position conducts mechanical care on the equipment inside and all over the distribution centers. This includes inspecting systems and repair of potential problems; managing planned maintenance on the battery changing and industrial batteries; changing batteries when material handling equipment; executing repairs of grounds and buildings; electrical repairs and performing plumbing, as well as small fire system fixing, helping with removal of snow in Salter operation and potentially loader, cleaning shop area and conducting other duties of maintenance as directed.

Distribution Supervisor – 3rd Shift
Distribution Supervisors duties are for managing activities of 50-100 comrades and department and to make sure the goals of the department/day are met through the management of productiveness standards, coordination and safety of work within departments. Also, he/she will be responsible for binding to ASC’s standards of companion’s relation and also commitment to the communication.
ASC expects the Supervisory team to conduct multiple functions in a day to consist problem solving, an enthusiastic awareness of sanitation and safety while upholding high standards in relation to productivity and procedures/methods, and a substantial associate focus.

Additional duties include acting with human resources in hiring and training in a punctual manner; systematically supporting and applying all procedures; Making good decisions based on their analysis, experiences and good judgment; adding advanced suggestions for producing quality work; posing positive approach and urgency while dealing with some problems; putting effort for a culture for the well being of all companions, promoting opportunities to participate and also teamwork; upholding a visible presence, identifying performances, performing audits and keying out potential roadblocks to productivity.
Even though it is a 3’d shift position, the supervisors must available to back any shift 24/7. The weekday schedule for the candidate is actually to be settled, the successful candidate will be needed to work on Saturdays. Shifts for the candidate will start at5:30 a.m.

Equal Opportunity EmployerOshkosh Corporation

Being Equal Opportunity Employer, they will not discriminate anyone on any basis regarded unlawful under federal state and local laws.