Hawaii Logistics distribution center jobs

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All about Hawaii Logistics

One of the largest wholesale grocery suppliers for the West Coast, Hawaii Logistics is a part of the C&S family, which is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the United States. Being the leading company in the industry, Hawaii Logistics prides themselves on success and effectiveness within the industry. Hawaii Logistics proudly supports the Equal Opportunity anddownload (1)

Affirmative Action stance and does not discriminate individuals based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If you wish to work for a company that is not only successful but is ethical, then you should consider working for Hawaii Logistics. Let’s take a closer look at what opportunities are available.

Opportunities available at Hawaii Logistics

We’re focusing on the positions available in the distribution department. If you’re interested in positions in other departments then we recommend you looking at those opportunities online. Hawaii Logistics has many positions with various requirements – so there is a position available to suit almost everyone’s level.

As a Warehouse Selector, you will work by taking full-case products, such as groceries, perishables or frozen foods, from the warehouse, placing them on sheets, package them for shipment and finally load them onto the trailer. This position is ideal for those who would like to work their way up through warehouse management. For this position, you need to have a high school diploma or GED, be able to pass drug screening tests, ability to operate the necessary equipment and legally authorized to work in the United States.

If you’re interested in being on the road, then there are positions as a Driver. As a driver, you would be loading, delivering and unloading the product from the distribution center to the place of delivery. This requires you to have a high school diploma or GED, with valid driver’s license and hold a valid Class A-CDL with driving experience. You have to pass drug screening and physical tests, to ensure that you’re responsible and capable. This position is ideal for those who enjoy driving and active environments.

Tips to help you get the job

Now that you know some of the opportunities available at Hawaii Logistics, go online and look up available positions on websites such as Indeed. However, before applying here are some helpful tips to help land you that job.

Take the time to research the positions you’re interested in. It’s important to understand what the position requires and if you feel that that’s something you’d like to to. Also, make sure that the position suits your lifestyle. Do you like working in distribution? Working in shifts? Do you work on weekends? Operating heavy machinery? Make sure you know what you’re looking for in terms of job structure.

Also, make sure to read the requirements necessary for the position. If you don’t have the requirements see if the company offers training or if the certification is obtainable during the interview process.

Be open and honest. It’s much easier to be honest on your CV. If you make it to an interview, be honest about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has them, and they will find them out sooner or later.

So get online and apply! Good luck