Orgill Distribution Centre Jobs

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About Orgill

Orgill, Inc. is one of the world’s largest independently owned hardlines distributors, providing products across the USA and in over 60 countries worldwide. Through Orgill, retailers have access to over 75,000 products and services. Over the past twenty years, Orgill has developed themselves into on the fastest growing hardline distributors, due to their customer service, low costs, and highly flexible programs. That being said, this could not be done without an amazing Orgill logo

team supporting Orgill. Orgill employs 350 sales representatives, 2,000 people within the truck and distribution department and over 300 people at the headquarters in Memphis, TN. As you can tell, Orgill is quite a large operation that continues to develop and lead the market. If you’re interested in working for Orgill, below we will discuss some of the opportunities available. Let’s take a look.

Available job opportunities at Orgill

We’re going to focus on job opportunities within the distribution department. However, if you’re interested in other departments within Orgill, take a look at their career page Currently, Orgill has six distribution centers which total over four million square feet of warehouse space. Orgill distributes hardware and home improvement products to related retailers. That being said, to keep their distribution centers functioning to their highest potential, they’re looking for individuals who are energetic, motivated and safe.

As an Inbound Material Handler, your job would be to receive the delivery and essentially organizing the merchandise using a scanner. You would also use heavy-duty machinery such as forklifts, pallet riders and reach trucks to maneuver the merchandise to its destined location within the warehouse. For this position, you need to have a high school diploma or GED, preferably with some experience with heavy-duty machinery, warehouse experience is an also an asset.

As a Mechanic, your job would be to service the equipment and conveyor systems, ensuring that they’re functioning efficiently and safely. Within this position, you would also be responsible for occasionally troubleshooting and making repairs on the distribution center itself. For this position, you would need a high school diploma or GED, with either college education or work experience related to maintenance.

As an administrator, you would be in charge of monitoring inventory control, and clerical activities. This role is ideal for individuals who like to work in a fast-paced environment and have an eye for detail. For inventory control, you would have to monitor the movement of receiving inventory and existing inventory within the warehouse. For this position, you would need a high school diploma or GED, a university degree is preferred, however, those with extensive work experience in distribution are also highly considered.

Now that you have some idea of the positions available, below are some helpful pointers to help you get the job.

Tips to help you get the job

Now that you know some of the opportunities available at Orgill, go online and look up available positions at However, before applying here are some helpful tips to help land you that job.

Take the time to research the positions you’re interested in. It’s important to understand what the position requires and if you feel that that’s something you’d like to to. Also, make sure that the position suits your lifestyle. Do you like shift work? Working with heavy equipment? Prefer distribution environments? Do you work on weekends? Make sure you know what you’re looking for in terms of job structure. Also, make sure to read the requirements necessary for the position. If you don’t have the requirements see if the company offers training or if the certification is obtainable during the interview process.

Be open and honest. It’s much easier to be honest on your CV. If you make it to an interview, be honest about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has them, and they will find them out sooner or later. So get online and apply! Good luck!