Sony distribution center jobs

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Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is one of the top manufacturers of electronic products for the consumers and it ranks 87th on the 2012 Fortune Global 500 list.


Sony was found by Masaru Ibuka in the year 1946 with a total of eight employees. Masaru Ibuka was accompanied by Akio Morita in the next year and they both named the company as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo. The company produced Japan’s first tape recorder, called the Type-G. In 1958 the company changed its name to Sony.

sony companySony played a major role in the development of Japan during the 1960 – 80s by employing many employees in their company and thus increasing their production level. In 1971, Masaru Ibuka handed the position of president over to Akio Morita. The company went through a global recession in the early 1980s due to which the electronics sales dropped. The company was forced to cut prices and their profits fell drastically.

During that time, Norio Ohga took up the role of president. He encouraged development of the Compact Disc and PlayStation. It was during his time, the company expanded aggressively into new businesses. Sony purchased CBS Records in 1988 and Columbia Pictures in 1989 expanding their global presence. Currently the company concentrates in 3 major areas which include imaging technology, gaming & mobile technology, as well as a focus on television business.

Sony distribution center jobs:

Warehouse Manager:

A person who has expertise in managing and training people at work to achieve daily production targets and quality can easily fit into this job. The primary job responsibilities are

  • Motivate employees to meet daily productivity and service requirements
  • Develop & communicate policies and goals to the warehouse staffs
  • Offer guidance and development for associates
  • Analyze reports and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Ensure everyone follows company’s safety policy and procedures
  • Communicate with the store and sales person to fill requirements

Forklift Operators

The primary responsibility of a forklift operator is to operate heavy equipment’s like forklift to move merchandise in and around the warehouse. Other responsibilities are

  • Conduct daily safety/maintenance check of trucks
  • Proper servicing and maintenance of equipment
  • Manage & control the operation of lift trucks
  • Maintain safe and orderly work area


The following benefits are offered to the Sony employeesSony Spain

  • Medical, Prescription, Dental & Vision benefit coverage for you and your family
  • Discounts and other online wellness programs offered via medical provider web sites
  • 100 percent coverage for wellness visits (checkups) in the medical and dental plans
  • 401(k) savings and investment plan
  • Life and accidental insurance
  • Student loans
  • Discounted Sony products
  • Up to 3-weeks paid vacation the first year
  • 11 paid Holidays (vary by Sony location)
  • Time off policies
  • Flexible work arrangements

Online Job Application:

To apply for a job in Sony Distribution Center, visit the company’s official website . If you are new to the website, you will be asked to create your job profile before applying. In-case if you already have a username and password, you can login to the website directly and search for your desired job at the preferred location. After choosing the job to apply, select the particular job and click apply button.


The Director earns about $100k -$175k per month whereas Product Manager gets around $70k – $90k per month. Similarly Associates are paid $9 – $12 per hour.

Company Standing:

The employees working in Sony are satisfied with their company as 62% of them are willing to recommend the company to their friends. And 76% approve of the CEO.

Some of the pros and cons of working in Sony are


  • Great work experience
  • Good management
  • Friendly place to work
  • Good facilities provided to employees


  • Less chance for career promotion
  • No flexibilities in HR policies like attendance
  • Less salary