The Home Depot distribution center jobs

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Home Depot Logo

Home Depot Logo

Home Depot is one of the largest retailers of home and construction products and services. Here we will take a look at the distribution center jobs offered by Home Depot.

Company History –
The Home Depot was founded by four people. They are Arthur Blank, Bernie Marcus, Ron Brill, and Pat Farrah. The capital required to start the business was invested by banker Ken Langone. The first two stores were opened on June 21 in metro Atlanta in the year 1979. The company rapidly expanded throughout the decades that followed. In the year 2000, Marcus and Blank retired. Robert Nardelli was then appointed the chairman, president and C.E.O of the company. Nardelli himself resigned in the year 2007 due to controversy over his salary and poor customer service. He was succeeded by executive vice president and vice chairman Frank Blake. Today, the Home Depot operates across the country, with stores in more than 2,200 locations and employs more than 330,000 people.

Jobs available at Home Depot Distribution Centers
Home Depot has distribution centers in more than 90 locations in the country, shipping products to more than 2000 stores across the country. The hourly distribution center/supply chain jobs are as follows:
1. Office Associate : As an office associate, you will be required to perform several clerical duties. These duties include verification of information and problem resolution at the distribution centers.
2. Warehouse Associate: As a warehouse associate, you will be required to load and unload products, pull orders from the Home Depot stores. You will be provided training for the operation of equipments at the warehouse. You will be operating forklifts and can expect to lift objects up to 75 lbs in weight.
3. Freight Team Associate: As a freight team associate, you will be required to stock shelves and enter information about the merchandise on a computer.

The Home Depot distribution centers are located in the following states:
New Jersey
New York
South Carolina

Benefits offered by Home Depot –
Following are the benefits that are offered by Home Depot:
– Health Insurance : Home Depot offers health insurance covering medical, dental and vision.
– Life and Other insurance : Life Insurance, disability Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Long-term care insurance, Auto and Homeowners Insurance as well as Veterinary Pet Insurance.
– Financial: Health Savings Account, 401(k), Employee Stock Purchase Plan and Direct Deposit and Credit Union.
– Time off: Home Depot offers Vacation, Holidays, Sick Days, Leave of Absence (military leave included), Jury Duty as well as Bereavement Days.
The other benefits offered by Home Depot include Tuition Reimbursement, Relocation Assistance, Adoption Assistance, Legal Services Plan as well as Matching Gift Program.

How to apply for a job at Home Depot?
To apply for a job at Home Depot via web, go to their official website, which is Once on the website, scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘Careers’ link at the lower right side of the page. This will take you to the careers page of Home Depot. Click on the ‘Supply Chain’ button and then click on ‘Apply Now’. Or, you can go to the top-left corner of the page and see the dropdown box from which you can select ‘Distribution Center hourly’. Selecting that choice will give you another box from which you can choose your state. Once selected, click on ‘Go’. You will need a login to proceed, so you must create a new account using which you can apply for jobs from the website.

Here are some additional pointers that might help you in your job search:

  • The average salary for a General Warehouse Associate is $12.69/hr with the highest salary being reportedly $14/hr and the lowest being $11/hr.
  • The average salary for a Freight Team Associate is $9.70/hr with the highest reported salary being $15/hr and the lowest being $7/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “What motivates you?”
  • Sample interview question – “In what ways do you live the values that Home Depot, as a company, lives by?”
  • Sample interview question – “How have you handled a conflict at your workplace in the past?”
  • Sample interview question – “How would you assist an angry customer who has been looking for assistance but everybody is busy?”

That’s all the information on distribution center/supply chain jobs at Home Depot.The benefits are impressive, the employee satisfaction is excellent and 80% approve of the C.E.O Frank Blake.


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