Dollar General distribution center jobs

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The Dollar General logo

The Dollar General logo

Dollar General is an American variety stores chain headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Let’s look into employment options at Dollar General warehouses.

Company History –
The idea behind the Dollar General chain of stores was that nothing in the store would cost more than a dollar. The idea became popular. The first store of Dollar General was opened in Scottsville, Kentucky on June 1 in the year 1955. By 1957, the chain consisted of 29 stores. The company was initially known as J.L Turner and Son Inc, after the father and the son. In the year 1968, the name was changed to Dollar General Corporation. Today, the chain has stores in more than 10,000 locations and employs 90,000 people.

Jobs at Dollar General distribution centers

You can work as a Warehouse Worker at Dollar General.  As a warehouse worker at Dollar General, your job is to use forklift, hand truck or hands to move incoming and outgoing merchandise. You will be required to check, verify and audit merchandise to ensure that the ordered merchandise has been received. You will identify, label and palletize merchandise onto flats. You will also be loading outgoing merchandise from conveyor/four-wheel truck onto the trailer. Other than the above mentioned activities, your responsibilities are to report damages and vendor compliance issues to the supervisor, and partner with the supervisor to resolve problems.  A High School diploma is required for this position and experience working in an automated distribution center is preferred though not compulsory.

Dollar General warehouses are located in the following places:

Admore, Oklahoma
Alachula, Florida
Bessemer, Alabama
Fulton, Missouri
Indianola, Mississippi
Jonesville, South Carolina
Marion, Indiana
Scottsville, Kentucky
South Boston, Virginia
Zanesville, Ohio

Benefits offered by Dollar General –
Below are the benefits offered by Dollar General:

Dollar General offers 401(k) Savings and Retirement plan, Health Benefits (dental, medical, vision and prescription, Health Risk Assessment, Disease Management), Employee Assistance Program, Flexible Spending Account, Disability and Life Insurance benefits, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, Business Travel and Accident insurance, Vacation time with pay and paid holidays.

Part time employees get 401(k) Savings and Retirement plan, Health Benefits(dental, medical, vision and prescription), term life insurance.

In case you want to know more about a particular benefit, some benefits other than the standard company benefits have been explained on this page:

Applying for job at a Dollar General Distribution center –
Let’s take a look at how to apply online for Dollar General jobs. Go to and click on ‘Apply Online – Hourle Positions’ for hourly distribution center jobs. Clicking on it will result in an e-verification screen being displayed. Simply click ‘Continue’. Then, click on ‘Search Openings’. You will be taken to a page where you can search for jobs by keyword, Location and Job Area. Select the ‘Job Category’ as ‘General Warehouse’ if you wish to apply for available warehouse position. When the desired selections of location and job category have been made, click on ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the page. It will show a page with the results of the performed search. From the available jobs, select the jobs you wish to apply for and click the ‘Apply to Job(s)’ button. If you wish to read the job description and requirements, click on the Auto Req ID of the job. When you click on ‘Apply To Job(s)’ button,  It will ask you for a login to proceed with the job application. Assuming that you don’t have a login, you can create one by by selecting ‘Create login’  shown at the left side of the page.

The average annual salary for a warehouse worker is $35,000. If you’re called for the interview, most questions are standard, usual questions such as why you wish to work there or where you see yourself several years down the line. The employee satisfaction is largely leaning towards being ‘Very dissatisfied’. There has been dissatisfaction largely owing to the management and its handling of employees.

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