Citi Trends distribution center jobs

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Christened as “Allied Department Stores” in the year 1958, this Georgia-based company has flourished as one of the country’s biggest retail clothing chains. Formally renamed Citi Trends in the year 2001, the company is known to cater to low-income, urbane clients.

With 515 stores in 31 states, Citi Trends is in constant need of employees who can meet the company’s goal. If you’re up to the challenge, then make sure to apply for any of these Citi Trends distribution center jobs:

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Distribution Center Supervisor

If you are looking for Citi Trends distribution center jobs that will strengthen your leadership skills, then the opening for DC supervisor is perfect for you. For this job, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of various DC areas, such as packing, processing, receiving, and shipping.

Other tasks expected of a DC supervisor are as follows:

  • Assign tasks to DC associates
  • Plans daily warehouse activities according to present and anticipated workloads
  • Determine staff needs and hires new associates as needed
  • Train new and existing staff on Standard Operating Procedures
  • Elevate issues to Human Resource Department as necessary
  • Monitor the attendance and productivity rates of DC associates
  • Monitor work flow and backlogs to determine appropriate actions

Distribution Center Packer

One of the Citi Trends distribution center jobs available for interested applicants is that of a DC packer. The primary responsibility of such workers is to pack items and merchandise into the correct containments.

The other duties are as follows:

  • Scan labels
  • Determine the number of items that need to be placed in containers
  • Make adjustments for quantity discrepancies
  • Replace full cartons
  • Attach shipping labels accordingly
  • Split new cases accurately

Distribution Center Processor

Another one of the vacant Citi Trends distribution center jobs is that of a DC processor. The primary task of a processor is to control, distribute, and move retail products throughout the DC and the affiliated stores. The other responsibilities of a processor are as follows:

  • Unpack cartons and unload merchandise
  • Classify products according to the correct shipping bundles
  • Count merchandise according to UPC or SKU
  • Attach price tickets accordingly
  • Place items in correct boxes and prepares them accordingly
  • Fill out processed recording orders

Distribution Center Material Handler

If you’re up to a physical challenge, then do try for Citi Trends distribution center jobs for material handlers. For this work, your primary task is to lift and move cartons and pallets of products, such as fixtures, supplies, and equipment.

The other duties that a material handler needs to do are as follows:

  • Unload inbound trucks
  • Sort cartons according to purchase order number
  • Transport freight from one location to another
  • Seal full cartons
  • Store cartons in stockrooms and records said locations
  • Place cartons on the correct destination floors
  • Load outbound trailers, utilizing FedEx or UPS systems
  • Deliver office supplies to needed departments
  • Fill orders for display fixtures, hangers, and merchandise bags
  • Operate DC equipment in the area as needed

Distribution Center Maintenance Technician

The DC maintenance technician is responsible for the upkeep of the warehouse. With that being said, it is one of the most important Citi Trends distribution center jobs that need to be filled.

If you have what it takes to conquer this job, then here are the responsibilities and tasks that you need to accomplish:

  • Perform maintenance works on buildings and grounds
  • Conduct electrical repairs
  • Perform preventive maintenance of HVAC machines
  • Accomplish basic electrical wiring of lights, outlets, and small motors
  • Install and repair sprockets, drive belts, and small motors
  • Repair material handling equipment such as hand trucks, pallet machines, utility carts, and tape machines
  • Accomplish simple carpentry tasks such as painting, assembling office furniture, installing structures, painting, and repairing drywalls
  • Maintain and repair baler
  • Maintain, install, and repair lighting fixtures