GameStop Distribution Center Jobs

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GameStop Corporation is a retailer of video games, consumer electronics and other wireless services in America. The company’s headquarters is located in Grapevine, Texas, U.S. They operate more than 6,000 retail stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. GameStop current Chief Executive Officer is Paul Raines.

GameStop goal is to improve their company’s position as the nation’s largest retailer video game products. They target on a wide audience of game players, they also enhance their image as a destination location, they offer the largest selection of used video game products. The company also provides a distribution network and they invest in their information systems and distribution capabilities.

The company is divided into two operating sections, namely video game brands and technology brands. Their technology brands feature the company’s Simply Mac, Alo Wireless business and Spring Mobile. Their technology brands section included more than 200 retail stores as of April 2014. While their video game brands include the company’s other businesses including video games and electronics retail shops.


GameStop is the largest retail sector that specializes in video game and PC entertainment software. The company included in the top five in the broader toy retailing sector. The company’s started its roots to Babbage’s, a software retailer in Dallas, Texas founded in 1984. They named the company after Charles Babbage. With the help of Ross Perot, who was the early investor in the company, they focus on video game sales and began selling Nintendo games in the year 1987. Babbage’s went public in 1988 and video games was a hit and increased their sales by 1991.

Babbage’s joined with Software Etc., it specialized in personal computing, software, and together they created a NeoStar Retail Group in 1994. Nestor and Babbage’s merged as a single organization in 1996 in spite of declining sales. When Nestor was not able to secure the credit to purchase inventory for the holiday season they filed for bankruptcy. In 1996, Nestor was purchased by Leonard Riggio, the founder of Software Etc. and main stockholder of Barnes & Noble. Upon purchasing NeoStar assets, Riggio discontinues the holding company and started a new one which he named Babbage’s Etc. In 1999, Babbage’s Etc. Started its GameStop brand over 30 stores located in malls. They also launched for their website that let their consumers purchase video games online. Barnes & Noble acquired Babbage’s Etc. in October 1999.Since Leonard Riggio was the chairman and main shareholder of Barnes & Noble, there was a special group of independent directors of Barnes & Noble who signed-off the deal. GameStop acquired Free Record Shops in 2008 and obtained 49 stores which they converted into video game shops. Former Executive Vice President of Home Depot, J. Paul Raines became the company CEO in 2010 who replaced Daniel DeMatteo. GameStop executives estimated that they can open thousand more outlets in the U.S. Market.

Distribution Center Jobs

Refurbishment Supervisor
You will coordinate the activities of refurbishment process areas reach efficiency and economy operations. You are expected to maximize profits by performing your tasks and with your subordinates.

Refurbishment QA Lead
You will support the Refurb Supervisor as their first line of leadership with the Refurbishment Center. You will ensure that all functions within assigned department are done and completed daily and on time.

Refurb Production Supervisor
You will lead, direct and monitor daily activities of the assigned areas. You will improve and define standards and guidelines, ensure that all area associates follow processes and evaluate assigned work area and employees to meet productivity.

Inventory Control Associate
You will be responsible in the cycle count inventory in order to reconcile the quantities in Warehouse Management System. You will work with your supervisor frequently during each work period.

Why Work at GameStop?

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GameStop offers a very comprehensive benefits plan for all their associates like discounts, casual and fun work environment and offers challenging assignments as well. Based on the reviews made from previous and current employees they said that GameStop has a fun atmosphere and at the same time provides the best possible solution to their customers. The company cares for their employees and have career opportunities for growth. The company has a great customer culture and great team environment in every store. You will learn a lot of skills from POS usage, selling, marketing, inventory management and scheduling.