Winn Dixie distribution center jobs

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Winn Dixie logo

Winn Dixie logo

Winn Dixie is an American chain of supermarkets, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Here we will take a look at employment opportunities in Winn Dixie warehouses.

Company History –
Winn Dixie was founded by William Milton Davis and his four sons Artemus Darius Davis, James Elsworth Davis, Milton Austin Davis and Tine Wayne Davis. The name comes the Winn-Lovett stores, 51% of which was bought by the Davis brothers. The name was later changed in the year 1955 after the 117-store chain Dixie Home was bought by the Davis brothers. It is known as Winn-Dixie since then. Winn Dixie grew by acquiring other chains over the decades. The company filed for Bankruptcy in the year 2005. However, in the year 2006, the company filed for reorganization the U.S Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida. It was in a much stronger financial state than the year before that. Today, the company operates 485 stores in five states of the country.

Jobs available at Winn Dixie distribution centers:

Loader: As a loader, your responsibility is to maintain an accurate inventory through directed counting. You will identify and monitor high volume and high dollar items as they are shipped, monitor warehouse management system for open invoices, label all pallets to be stocked and verify accuracy of inbound freight received by comparing the purchase order with the bill of lading, record discrepancies on bill of lading and inform the management of any kind of damage or inventory change. For this position, a high school diploma and 2 years of experience in distribution/transportation and logistics is required.

Selector: As a selector, your job is to select merchandise from designated slots, stack cases on pallets after labeling each case. You will stretch wrap, write store number on pallets and transport them to shipping dock for delivery to retail stores. You will be operating pallet jack, battery hoist and double walkie-rider. You will be required to work in temperatures between -15 to -20 degrees(for freezer positions). You need to be able to operate pallet jack, battery hoist and double walkie-rider, for which you will be trained by applying as a Selector trainee. You need authorization to work in the United States or be able to obtain the same for this position.
No experience necessary for this position. A high school diploma and certification as a forklift operator is preferred for the position.

The aforementioned jobs require you to frequently lift up to 50 lbs of weight and be able to work standing for most of your shift.

Winn Dixie distribution centers are located in Baldwin, Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, Florida; Hammond, Louisiana; and Montgomery, Alabama.

Benefits offered by Winn Dixie –

Part-time employees get Employee Assistance Program, 401(k) plan, ID protection, Life insurance, 2 mini medical plans, accident insurance, Dental plan with vision discount plan.

Full-time employees get all of the above minus the 2 mini medical plans, accident insurance and dental plan with vision plan discount. Instead, full-time employees additionally get choice of 3 medical plans, hospital indemnity insurance, 2 dental plans and vision plan, flexible spending accounts, tax-free disability plans, Personal Health Assessment and Screening and Personalized Online Benefits Enrollment.

Applying online for a job at Winn Dixie distribution center –
To apply for Winn Dixie distribution center jobs, click here:
At the bottom of the page, click on ‘Apply – Distribution Centers’. This will open a page where you can specify job field and location/zip code and perform job searches. After you have selected the desired options, click on ‘Search for jobs’ button. By default, it will display all jobs under the category Distribution/Warehouse. Scroll below to see the results. A list of jobs should be displayed based on your search criteria. Click on a job title to apply for that particular job. This will take you to the page describing the job and its requirements. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Apply Online’ button. It will then ask for a login. You can create one by clicking on ‘New User’ button and use that account to apply for jobs.

The average salary for a selector at Winn Dixie is $15.5/hr. Salaries for some positions is a little over minimum wage. Employee satisfaction for Winn Dixie is largely neutral and only 37% approve of the C.E.O Randall Onstead.

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