ALDI Distribution Center Jobs

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A company dedicated to meet its goals, delivering the right products to the right stores in no time – ALDI Distribution. Working at ALDI can give you opportunities way beyond your expectations. If you are looking for a distribution job with a good pay, with location that is near yours, and high-end equipment you could use to improve your efficiency in performing your tasks, ALDI has you all covered.

Company History

Anna Albrecht started the business way back 1914. She opened up a food store in Essen, Germany. Later in 1948, there was a change in the management of the store as her sons took over the business and opened other four different branches in separate locations. The expansion did not stop there as they opened their first service store in Germany in 1954.

ALDI was actually a combined word of Albrecht + Discount. In 1967, 200 more locations were added and up today, 40,000 ALDI stores are operating all across the globe.

Jobs Available At ALDI Distribution Center

In order to play the game right, you just need to work in accord with the company’s objectives. You should deliver high quality products to the right stores in no time. You can choose from, being a driver or a selector. Of course, there are qualifications and requirements for each position.

Responsibilities of The Driver

You are required to deliver the products and reach the destination store. That is your goal, nothing else. Therefore, make sure that you are determined to do this job. Make sure you know how you should handle the boredom in a long way trip and how to deal with the hassles brought by crowded areas and traffic sites.

In getting this job, make sure that you have clean Class 1 HGV license.

What Benefits You Can Gain

  • £10.44 rising to £11.55 per hour (days), £12.32 rising to £13.63 per hour (nights)
  • Five-day/40-hour weeks including weekends
  • 28 days annual leave (includes bank holidays)
  • Full training provided
  • Pension from commencement
  • Company sick pay scheme
  • Maternity and Paternity pay
  • Long service rewards
  • Night premium rate available

Responsibilities of A Selector

In order to make sure that the delivered products are of high quality, safe to use, and ready for transport, Selectors are very important peoples in the business operations. Since it would be the responsibility of the Selector to ensure that all products are good, organized, and could please customers, a Selector should be very meticulous with the details.

It is required for a person who would hold the position to have a good reading skills as well as in the numerical aspects. He or she would be a friend of time who knows how to beat deadlines and hit all the targets. Selector’s performance could make or break all the business operations.


What Benefits You Could Gain?

  • £8.76 rising to £9.89 per hour (days), £10.33 rising to £11.67 per hour (nights)
  • From 25 hours per week

**Other benefits would cover almost the same with what is offered to drivers.

Locations of ALDI Distribution Center

Atherstone is where the head office of the company located. With another seven locations, which include  Bathgate, Darlington, Goldthorpe, Middleton, Neston, Chemsford, and Swindon, each has 50-100 distribution centers and stores.

Why You Should Work At ALDI Distribution Center

The company could assure a competitive salary with allowance. The details are included in their marketing-lead package. The working environment is assured to be friendly and the people that surround you can help professionally and even personally.

How You Should Apply

You can go online and look for the website of the ALDI Distribution Center. You can click the “Apply Now” button and you will be redirected into an online form that you need to fill in. Once you will be chosen for an interview, the in-charge will give you a call or request you for a face to face interview.

With all the benefits that the ALDI Distribution Center could offer, you would never have any regret in getting your slot with the company.