Save A Lot Distribution Center Jobs

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Save a lot is an American discount chain supermarket that has its headquarters in Missouri.In between stores include most conventional grocery merchandise, they have less variation than typical supermarkets. A standard Save-A-Lot is around 16,000 square ft with items exposed in their p.o. boxes.Below is listed all the info that you must have in mind, when you will apply for a position at Save a lot Warehouses.

The Company History

Bill Moran founded Save-A-Lot in 1977, as another option against bigger supermarket chains. He opened his primary Save-A-Lot store in Illinois, and stayed with his business until he retired in 2006. He saw from before the expanding of the company in the Cahokia store. The department store is now operating more than 900 locations all over the U.Sin almost 30 states, and employs around 100,000 people.

 Jobs At Save A Lot Centers

You can work as a Warehouse clerk at Save a lot.  As a warehouse employee at Save a lot, your business is to use hands,hand truck, forklift or to move outgoing and incoming goods. You will be asked to confirm, inspect and evaluate the products, to make sure that the ordered products have been received. You will identify, identify and palletize products on the flats. Also, you will be carrying upleaving products from 4-wheel trucks on the trailers. Furthermore, your job includes: reporting vendor compliance issues and damages to the managers, and collaborate with your supervisor to fix any issues.

Save A Lotexclusive Brands Are:

Skillet Masters — meal mixes

Bubba — sodas

World’s Fair — frozen desserts

Malone’s — canned meats and beans

Señora Verde — tortillas and tortilla chips

Kurtz — condiments

Mantia’s — pasta and Italian

Nature Trails — wholesome snacks

Port Side — seafood

Kaskey’s — soups

Fairgrounds — deli meats

Portman’s — salad dressing

Wylwood — canned vegetables

J. Higgs — salty snacks

Today — various products

Coburn Farms — dairy

Ginger Evans — pancake mix

Below Are The Benefits Offered By Save A Lot:


Save a lot offers, Flexible Spending Account, Health Benefits (dental, medical, and prescription), 401(k) Retirement and Savings plan Disability and Life Insurance benefits, Employee Assistance Program, Accident and Business Travel insurance, Accidental Death insurance.


Part time employees get 401 (k) Retirement and Savings plan, Health Benefits (prescription, vision, dental and medical).

If you need more info about a specific benefit, various benefits are explained on our webpage: www.Save a‎

Also some additional benefits include:

  • Discounts for homeowners and auto insurance, group legal protection and long-term care
  • A Flexible schedule of work
  • Programs with Employee assistance
  • Assistance for Adoption
  • Awards Service Program

The average yearly salary for a store administrator is $26,000. When you’re called for the interview, many of the questions will be established, common questions such as where you see yourself several years down the line or why you wish to work there.

You can apply online for anoffice position today, and you will find a rewarding career that waits for you!