Distribution Specialist Job Description

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Receiving and shipping – these are two of the most essential functions of a distribution center. But with the high volumes of deliveries and the fast-paced chain of logistics, the efficiency of these processes can be compromised. Keeping these functions streamlined is the distribution specialist, the job of which you’ll know more below.

What is a Distribution Specialist?

A distribution specialist facilitates the receiving and shipping processes in the warehouse. He is in charge of completing orders, from preparation to shipment.

Distribution Specialist Job Description

The importance of a distribution specialist cannot be undermined. For this reason, this warehouse employee has these important job responsibilities under his belt:

  • Loads and unloads delivery vehicles
  • Receives, inspects, and checks the accuracy of all delivered products
  • Maintains accurate inventory of stocks
  • Encodes data of inventories/stocks into the central mainframe
  • Operates forklifts and other heavy machineries as needed
  • Verifies orders
  • Assists in the processing of orders
  • Packs slips and bills of lading
  • Prepares and seals products for delivery
  • Routes all inbound or outbound goods and products
  • Efficiently directs products or goods to their rightful destinations
  • Documents inventories and products for shipment or delivery
  • Delivers products promptly
  • Communicates with suppliers, retailers, and customers as required of his duties and responsibilities
  • Works with the superiors to troubleshoot problems or address issues that can get in the way of efficient supply chain management

Distribution Specialist Job Requirements

A distribution specialist plays a big role in the supply chain process. With that being said, employers need a worker who is more than capable of performing this challenging task. If you think that you are capable of handling this job, then you need to possess the following requirements to become a distribution specialist:


A high school diploma or GED equivalent is a basic requirement for those who want to become distribution specialists.

Work Experience

A job as a distribution specialist is not for entry-level workers. Employers often require applicants to have 1 to 2 years of warehouse experience in order to be hired for the job.


As a distribution specialist, you need to possess good mental and physical faculties in order to succeed. Here are the skills you need to possess in order to thrive as a distribution specialist:

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good math and reading skills
  • Good problem-solving, organizing, and coordinating skills
  • Good physical skills, as distribution specialists need to bend, lift, and reach items most of the time
  • Ability to lift heavy objects (50 pounds, more or less)
  • Ability to stock and organize products safely and accordingly, as some items are fragile
  • Ability to handle/transport heavy items with the use of manual or mechanized handling machinery
  • Ability to organize and clean work stations promptly

Other Requirements

More than just skills, commitment is expected with those who wish to become distribution specialists. Should you decide to pursue this job, you need to meet these other requirements:

  • Ability to work well with a team
  • Ability to review and process shipping documentations
  • Ability to help with process/logistics improvement efforts
  • Ability to follow the safety rules and regulations as warranted by OSHA
  • Ability to follow and adhere to company rules and guidelines
  • Ability to withstand warehouse settings (varying temperatures)

Distribution Specialist Work Hours

Depending on the regularity of shipments and deliveries arising from the warehouse, distribution specialists have to work anywhere from 40 to 60 hours per day. If the distribution center engages has 24/7 operations, a specialist might need to work shifting schedules, meaning he might need to go to work on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Work in a distribution center can be the career you have been looking for. Start climbing the ladder to employment success by starting out as a distribution specialist.