Menards Distribution Center Jobs

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Menards is a private company and a chain of home improvement centers in the United States. The company was founded in 1960 by John Menard Jr. It is considered the third largest home improvement chain in the U.S. which has approximately 285 stores in 14 states. Products that you can find in their shops are for building materials, garden supplies, hardware, tools, electrical supplies, cabinets, home appliances, automotive, plumbing supplies, and groceries. Menards is committed to providing a high quality guest service, carries a complete section of high quality tools and materials for your needs. Most of the improvement stores are located throughout the Midwest in the 14 states. The company employs over 45,000 employees from their improvement stores.


Menards started in 1958 from an idea where there was a need for economical agricultural buildings. John Menard Jr. the founder of the company, picked some building knowledge and to finance his education he worked days on pole buildings and at night he worked in a movie theatre while making contracts with other building to keep his crew from working. After he graduated in 1962 from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, he purchased a land in Eau Claire and built an office and shop and there it was the company founded in 1960 and incorporated in 1962. Menard started to gain a reputation where several buildings had been erected in the area of Eau Claire. At this time he bought a piece of equipment a Chevrolet truck. Because of the increasing demand for his business he purchased more equipment and hired for more additional crews. He opened the first Menards Cashway Lumber where there was an increased of customers who purchased lumber and other products. By 1969, the company added a manufacturing plants and warehousing functions. Some of the plants added are some equipment in making trusses, boards, steel and pre-hung doors. Menards opened his first hardware store in 1972. By 1998, the company opened a second distribution center located in Plano, Illinois which serves all the stores from all the states. All Menards stores are divided by departments, including hardware, plumbing and housewares, building materials, floor coverings and appliances. In 2005, Menards opened its first two-storey Megastore in St. Paul, Minnesota followed by another two-storey store in Hodgkins, Illinois. Then in 2009, Menards opened their largest Menards Megastore located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States. Their Megastore has two glass elevators, industrial escalators and a snack shop. Menard ranked 46th on Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies.

Jobs at the Distribution Center
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The Menards giant Distribution Center is located in Eau Claire and their second Distribution Center is opened in Plano, Illinois. Their Distribution Center offers fast-paced environments which are located across their store map and has more opening as the company grows. Some of the job opportunities available are as follows

General Warehouse Team Members
Team members are responsible for loading and unloading products and transport it into and out of the Distribution Centers. The job requires continuous physical activities such as walking, standing, climbing and lifting materials or equipment.

Distribution Center Planning, Construction Project Manager
You are responsible in managing both construction and material handling related projects. Assist in maintaining sites and ensures contractor’s work are running smoothly on the daily operations.

Yardhorse and Delivery Rider
You will deliver flatbed loads to guest locations, unloading the materials and move trailers throughout the Distribution Center.

Office Support
You are responsible for supporting Team Members in their department by filing, entering data, answering phones, handling payroll, scheduling and carrying other miscellaneous duties as assigned.

Why Work with Menards?

Menards is an equal opportunity employer where there is no room for discrimination in employment and their personnel practices regardless of their race, age, disability, religion and national origin. Menards offers a big benefit and opportunities for all their deserving employees who want to grow with them. Some of the benefits they provide are as follows; advance opportunities for all their employees who deserves a promotion, a profit sharing bonus, medical and dental plans, disability insurance, weekend bonus pay where team members who worked on Saturday and Sunday received an additional $2.50/hour, management bonuses where managers qualify to earn bonuses on a weekly and annual basis, paid holidays and vacations, store discount and holiday bonuses.

Menards also provides a program to help their Team Members increase their knowledge of products and job duties for each department. They also assigned training materials to help their new Team Members become familiar with the department and become comfortable in selling their products.