PetSmart Distribution Center Jobs

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PetSmart is a retail chain of specialty pet supplies and services that operates in the United States, and in some part of Canada and Puerto Rico. The services they include grooming and dog boarding facilities as well as the training and daycare. The company is considered as the largest pet retailer that employs more than 50,000 associates and they operate more than 1,000 stores.

The company has helped save lives of more than 5 million pets since 1994 through their in-store pet adoption partnership and PetSmart Charities. The company also offers a grooming salon service with a full menu.. They also provide a customer guarantee that you as the pet owner should be happy or the services will be for free with their PetSmart Look Great Guarantee and they also provide expert veterinarian who is available in more than 60% of their stores.

PetSmart works toward a zero waste both on their corporate and operations department. They reduce energy and water consumption all over their PetSmart stores. They inspire and motivate all their associates to think twice and develop a partnership in doing environmental initiatives.


PetSmart was founded by Jim and Janice Dougherty in 1986 and they opened their first two stores in Arizona under the business name Pet Food Warehouse in 1987. They are committed in helping save lives of local animals. The company changed their brand name from Pet Food Warehouse to PetSmart where they opened their full-service grooming salon for small pets alike. PetSmart opened their 50th store and considered as their first permanent in-store adoption center and veterinarian clinic in one. The company went public on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange listed under the symbol of the PETM. They opened their 100th store in 1994 and they started offering in-store pet training. In the same year, they open PetSmart Charities, Inc. a non-profit organization that helps save lives of homeless pets. In 1996, they opened their first eight stores in Canada and their 500th store in 1998. They remodelled most of their stores from a warehouse feel store to an allover standard retail market in 2000. And in the same year, they introduce their vision statement to provide a lifetime care for every pet and parents every time by offering their clients superior products and excellent customer service. In 2005, they changed their brand name from PETsMart to PetSmart that stressed the word smart to publish their changes from a pet supply store to a solution oriented business. They launch their customer loyalty program in 2004 that provide pet parents for good and valuable deals. In 2007, the company opened their 1,000th store. In 2010, PetSmart partnered with Martha Stewart and GNC to launch some brands like Martha Stewart Pets TM and GNC Pets TM. The company operated more 1,100 stores in the same year.

Distribution Center Jobs at PetSmart

Distribution Center Associate
You will work in a team environment as part of their supply chain. You will be working in different departments such as order fill, replenishment, receiving, maintenance and shipping. You will receive products from vendors and will be the one to process it for shipping to PetSmart stores efficiently.

Distribution Center Supervisor
You will support the DC leadership team and are responsible in managing a team of Frontline associates. The position involves some physical activities such as continuous standing and walking and lifting heavy objects.

Distribution Center Maintenance Manager
You will be responsible in managing all preventive maintenance, building and repair services to ensure that all equipments are working efficiently in the DC.

Replenishment Manager
You will be responsible in managing the store stocks, inventory, sales and margin. You will introduce the best solutions and practices to support the company’s growth.

Why Work With PetSmart?

Working at PetSmart will give you an exciting growth opportunity for a supportive management team plus a kind culture that you will surely love. The company offers an outstanding benefit package that full-time associates will enjoy. Some of the packages include: medical, vision, dental plan, life insurance, save smart 401 (k) plan, associate discount and many more. PetSmart also provides an extensive training and development programs to all their associates so they can give the best care for all the pets and pet parents. The company cares for the growth of their associates and support them in every step of the way.