Grainger distribution center jobs

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Grainger logo

Grainger logo

Grainger, or W.W. Grainger is a company dealing in industrial supplies such as motors, plumbing tools, safety supplies etc. We will take a look at employment opportunities at Grainger distribution centers here.

Company History –
Grainger was founded by W. Grainger in the year 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. The company was started by him to provide efficient solutions to fulfil business consumers’ needs. In the year 1967, Grainger became a publicly traded organization. The company has grown rapidly and is now looking to expand to Chinese markets as well. They are consistently providing more products in their catalog as well.

Working at a Grainger distribution center –

As a Warehouse Associate at Grainger, you will be performing tasks pertaining to receipt, storage and shipment of products. You will be required to use tools, equipment and technologies to complete transactions related to the processes within the distribution center. For this position, you must have a High School Diploma or GED. Grainger requires warehouse candidates to have at least 6-12 months of warehouse related experience. You will be required to lift weights between 10 and 15 lbs continuously and up to 75 lbs frequently. You will occasionally be lifting weights up to 125 lbs and lifting with assistance for weights over 125 lbs. The job entails pushing, pulling and lifting of products from floor to waist and shoulder heights.

If you apply for Inbound part-time team member, you will be required to comply with state and federal regulations, OSHA and Hazardous Material requirements in storage, handling and movement of products. You must be willing to be certified to operate powered industrial equipments such as reach truck, order picker, stock chaser and Pacer. You must be able to operate RF unit, Notebook and Data scanners. You must also be familiar with software applications such as Excel, Word, Outlook, SAP, Warehouse Vision and DC Profiler.

Benefits offered by Grainger –
Grainger offers benefits such as Dental, Vision and prescription drug coverage. There is also a Wellness and Fitness Center you can use. Grainger offers Life Insurance, disability benefits that provide income protection to active team members and their families. The company also offers Employee Assistance Program, Adoption benefit program, Dependent care assistance plan, critical illness insurance, group legal plan, Paid Time off, Educational Assistance and access to Auto and Homeowners insurance as well as 3-for-1 matching charitable gifts program.

Applying for a job at Grainger Distribution center –
To apply for warehouse jobs at Grainger, go to
Now, before you begin with application process for a job, it’s good to make an account so you can apply online. You can do that by going here:
There, you will see a link titled ‘Register’ right below where it says ‘Potential Employees’.
The first link posted here will take you to a page with the available distribution center positions listed at the center of the page. You will see a search bar at the top of the listing. If you wish to search for warehouse positions, just type ‘DC’ and it should display all distribution center opportunities. To apply for a job, click on the job title, which will take you to a page displaying the job description and requirements for the job. To apply, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button which you will see at the top left corner of the page listing the job details. With an account on the site, you can begin the application process.

Below are some additional pointers to help you get an idea of warehouse opportunities at Grainger:

  • The average salary of a Warehouse Associate is $14.26/hr with the highest reported salary being $18/hr and the lowest being $10/hr.
  • Sample interview question – “If it’s the end of your shift and you still have a lot of work to do, what would you do?”
  • Other than the question mentioned above, you won’t be asked anything that will require you to think over it. Most questions, if at all asked, are straightforward.

That’s it about employment at Grainger warehouses. Most employees are very satisfied with their jobs at Grainger and 85% approve of the C.E.O Jim Ryan. Grainger is an excellent choice for employment if you desire a distribution center job.


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