Ashley Furniture Distribution Center Jobs

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Ashley Furniture is the largest furniture manufacturing company in the world. Its headquarters is located in Arcadia, Wisconsin. The company was founded by Carlyle Weinberger in 1945. Ashley Furniture is striving to provide their customers the best values, selection and good service in the furniture industry. The company has become the leader in manufacturing quality furniture products. They had given more than 12,000 jobs in America just within their company. They also create and support thousands of jobs and businesses throughout the United States. The company is expected to grow by 7% in the year 2014.

The company partners with Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. to provide troops free calls home. Ashley has donated more than 300 cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. Ashley Furniture launch Red Sofa Tour partnered with American Heart Association. The Red Sofa Tour will encourage the community to be aware of the cardiovascular diseases and they will provide a heart health conversation as well. The company provides over 13,000 beds for underprivileged children in England.

Ashley Furniture Home Store rank number 1 in the Top 25 Furniture and Bedding Retailers by 2013. The company donated more than 100 trees to the Arcadia community. Ashley also provides more than 5,000 tiles to Habitat for Humanity to build 30 homes in Winona and Fillmore Counties.


Ashley Furniture was founded by Carlyle Weinberger in 1945. The company specialized in wooden occasional furniture marketed goods were made by local companies. They opened a branch located in Goshen, Indiana. In 1970, Ashley invested in their Wisconsin-based Arcadia Furniture which was founded by Ron Wanek. He started his career in a furniture factory which is owned by Eugene Vogel. When he transferred to Arcadia to open his own factory he took with him Vogel’s son, Chuck and began doing work for Ashley Furniture. Ron Wanek and a group of investors bought Weinberger to take control of Ashley Furniture. In 1980’s Ashley offered different furniture products which targeted customers from middle-income buyers. By the late 1990’s the company was operating assembly and distribution plants in Pomona, New Brunswick, California, Washington, Seattle and Florida. In 2000, the company employed more people in Arcadia and their plant had grown bigger and wider. Ashley becomes the largest home furniture manufacturing company and continue to grow in the U.S meeting the needs of their customers from 123 countries. Ron Wanek is the current Chairman of the Board and his son, Todd Wanek is the President and CEO of the company.

Distribution Center Jobs at Ashley

Warehouse Quality Trainer
You will be responsible in collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on product performance and conforms with the standard operating procedure of the Home Store Distribution Warehouse.

Distribution Center Supervisor
You will be responsible in directing warehouse activities in the distribution center. You will be responsible in leading and mentoring employees to achieve department goals. You will ensure the housekeeping, organization, sanitation and security levels of the warehouse are at acceptable levels. You will work on inventory management and document management

Production and Distribution Center
You will be working in a small or large team and will be responsible in manipulating furniture merchandise. You will work as a team and achieve a production goal that includes quality standards and giving some suggestions for improvements.

Why work at Ashley Furniture?
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Ashley Furniture offers a comprehensive benefit package for all their hard working employees. Some of this includes a profit sharing plan where the company reward their employees for their contribution to the company. They have medical insurance wherein they provide their employees a routine physical and eye exams for free. Dental insurance where it covers all their employees dental needs. The company provides their employees a 401 (k) plan where they help their employees set aside a part of their pay for their retirement years. Ashley provides a life insurance for all their employees that have been with the company for more than 90 days. They also reward their employees for giving suggestions that help the company for some improvements. Ashley provides their employees an incentive bonus for working safely where in they choose between a gift certificate or a U.S. savings bond. The company also encourages their employees to have an additional education by enrolling in technical schools or centers and they will reimburse the expenses for tuition and books for all their full-time employees.