Is a temporary job at a distribution warehouse a good idea?

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Working in a Distribution Warehouse

The distribution warehouse job niche is huge. You will find that while there might be a shortage of jobs everywhere else, the distribution warehouse still has plenty to offer. However there is a reason behind this. Don’t think for a second that there isn’t. Distribution warehouses like to take on temporary staff, which might great for you if you are simply looking to build up your CV. However for some hard working people who have families at home and people to look after.

These jobs really are not meant for them. Recent studies have found that 63% of workers within warehouses are temps. Which makes the majority of workers temporary. This isn’t because warehouses only need workers on a temporary basis though. As they always have work to be done. It’s actually a way of the warehouses, getting away with giving their workers less benefits.

It was found that only 5% of temporary staff in warehouses have sick days. Which means if you’re are in the other 95% then you won’t be paid anything if you’re sick. Which is pretty likely when you think of the odds. If you are going in for a temporary warehouse job, then you might want to ask them about this before you accept any work. If the interviewer gets shirty with you about it, then the likelihood is you won’t be getting any benefits or sick days with the company you are interviewing for. You need to make sure if you do get a job somewhere that doesn’t offer you these benefits, that you always have money aside for a rainy or poorly day. If you don’t, you might find yourself quickly getting into a bad situation.

warehouse jobs in floridaYou will also find as temporary staff that you salary is much less, than that of a permanent employee. With the average hourly rate being about $9 which is £3.48 less than permanents. This is considered a poverty line wage and for many it simply is not enough. With 1 of 4 needing to get government assistance along side their salaries to manage. Studies also found that 37% of temporary workers needed to take on second jobs in order to pay their rent and buy basic necessity. Non of which seems fair when you think about the hard work, that comes with working in a warehouse.

Not just is it hard work, but it can often be dangerous. With as many as 20% of workers being injured on the job. Which is pretty high risk when you consider it. Temporary workers again get the short end of the stick though, with 1 in 3 people who report being injured at work being fired as the result. This means if you are injured, whether through fault or not of your own, the likelihood is you will lose your job because of it. If the injury is serious then it could be a long time before you can get another job, so you’re either going to be broke or have to accept government assistance. Neither of which is a nice thought.