How to Make a Good First Impression for a Job Interview

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Worried about your resume. since it is not as impressive as that of other applicants? While this might seal your deal, there is still hope! All you just need to do is make a good impression in a job interview. After all, first impressions last!  

Make yourself memorable in the eyes of the employer by keeping these interview tips in mind:

1. Be early.

be on time

Even if you are familiar with the place of interview, it pays to come early. This will give you enough time to park your car – or walk if there’s no spot near the building. You don’t want to get into the room all sweaty and jittery just because you had to run two blocks in order to reach the building.

2. Have all of the needed documents ready.

You might be asked about your former projects – of course, the best way to show your worth is to have all the pertinent documents in tow. While you might have done promising projects, don’t store them in dirty, stained folders. At least transfer them in a new set of folders before attending the job interview.

3. Dress Appropriately.

You might be a shirt and jeans type of guy, but save this staple for casual day outs. For job interviews, you need to dress appropriately. For men, come to the interview in a suit and tie. For women, a formal blouse paired with pants or a skirt is recommended.

Jewelries and fragrances should be kept to a minimum, so avoid bathing yourself with your favorite pour homme. Make sure to sport trimmed fingernails during the interview as well.

4. Do the Shake.

The shake of hands, that is. Upon entering the room, extend your hand for a warm initial handshake. Even if your interviewer does not extend his hand, reaching yours shows good will.

If you constantly suffer from a case of sweaty palms, remember to wipe the moisture away with a handkerchief before entering the interview room.

5. Mind Your Posture.

Waiting outside the interview room might take much of your energy, and as a result, you might find yourself fighting the urge to slouch. When your mind tells you to slouch, don’t! Improper posture might tell the interviewer that you just don’t care enough to get the job. The interview will last for just a few minutes – so keep your head up and maintain your good posture.

6. No Filler or Fluff.

Even if you have come to the interview with much eagerness and preparedness, there is no telling when the interviewer might stump you. If you suddenly find yourself off-guard, avoid muttering filler words such as “like” or “um.” Instead, try to gain some footing (and additional thinking time) by replying with “That’s a good question.”

7. Be Positive.

Avoid saying anything negative about your past job, bosses or co-employees, as this can give the interviewer a bad impression. Relay your enthusiasm and flexibility – as these are two important factors that interviewers are looking for in a potential hire.

8. Show Your Gratitude.

Remember: the interviewer has allotted a lot of time in order to converse with you. As such, it is important that you show gratitude for the effort he has extended. While you might be in a hurry to bolt out the door because of the need to empty your bladder – take some time to extend thanks to the interviewer.

Even if you have been on the job market for a couple of years, a new job interview can render you off-guard. So if you want to get hold of a new employment opportunity, then make sure to follow these tips on how to make a good first impression for a job interview.