Staying cool in a warehouse during the Summer

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Anyone who works in a warehouse or a distribution center knows that working in the summer can be very hard. In the winter the extra bit of warmth that you get working in a nice warm distribution center is great, and something to look forward to, but in the summer it is hard to find the same joy in the hot warehouse environment. There are a few things you can do to make your day better. This starts with thinking in advance. Keeping cool in the summer while you are working requires you to plan every day the night before. If you wake up and think about it, it is already too late to take advantage of your options.

There are a few different things you can do to stay cool while you are working.

The type of clothing you wear makes a huge difference to staying cool. Even if you would not normally wear certain clothes in your everyday life, there are no prizes for looking good in a warehouse, and staying cool is far more important. Choose loose, breathable clothing. Stay away from polyester and blends, and try to wear cotton or other light and airy fabrics. Even if that shirt is ugly, if it is breathable, wear it.

Another great way to stay cool while working in a warehouse is to freeze all of your water bottles each night before work. Then, as it melts throughout the day, you have a constant supply of ice cold water (to drink or pour over your head!).

Another great idea is to take dish towels and get them very wet, then fold them up until they are a bit wider than a tie, and put them in plastic bags in the freezer over night. Do this with 2 towels. When you get to work, put one towel in the freezer in the cafeteria, and place the other one around your neck. Keeping your neck cool will actually make the rest of your body cool as well. If you don’t like this idea exactly, you can also freeze plastic bags full of water, and then wrap them in a dry towel to put around your neck.

Pick your lunches carefully. Hot food on hot days can only result in a hot person. If you normally eat a piece of fruit while you are at work, try cutting it up the night before, and putting it in the freezer, making sure to keep it in the freezer at work until you eat them. Ending any meal with ice cold fruit on a very hot day will keep you cool for up to an hour after you go back to work.

warehouseIf you bring a thin shirt to work as an extra shirt, roll it up very tightly and put it in a lunch sack, you can put it in the refrigerator when you get to work, and when the heat starts to become unbearable, go change your shirt to the nice cool one you have in the fridge, making sure to put the one you were wearing in the bag and back in the fridge. You will feel like you are in air conditioning for at least 30 minutes, and you can change your shirt each break. This also works very well with socks, which have an instant total body cooling effect.

Even if you are working inside, wear light colored clothing if possible. If you go outside at all during the day, and are wearing a dark shirt, you pick up heat and take it back into the warehouse, making it feel more hot than it actually is.

These are a few things that can be done and they will all help you stay as cool as possible when you have to work in a hot warehouse. Do you have any suggestion to beat the summer heat? Please share them below.

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