Staying Comfortable at Work

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Now that the weather is starting to change, it can be really easy to forget to wear the best clothes for inside the warehouse, and still keep the right attire on for the weather when you get out of work. A bit warm and yet still getting colder, those shorts and t-shirts you have probably been wearing all day long will most likely not be the best option for both all day anymore.

The best thing to do is to pick a work outfit that is right for the environment you are in all day long. Leave it at work and change clothes when you get to work and before you go home, or wear them as a first layer. Don’t forget to add more layers or change your clothes before you leave the warehouse each day: more illness is caused by striking differences in temperature and lack of proper clothing than anything else. It happens all the time – you get to the end of the working day, are hot and tired and just want to go home. You leave work hot and walk outside where it is cold and your body temperature has an immediate adverse reaction. Some people like to think that this is a good thing in that it feels like it is waking you up. What is actually happening is that your body is going through the shock of having such a quick and large change in temperature and addition of wind and rain.

wh2Certain types of fabric are better to wear when you are working than others, and knowing the difference can help you stay comfortable no matter what the weather. When you are working in a large warehouse, it is best to wear breathable fabrics, like cotton and wool, and hemp is becoming popular as well. Avoid synthetic fibers: you will end up sweating and will be uncomfortable, and probably embarrassed. Wear socks that are the right type for the weather, as you can retain a lot more heat and lose a lot as well through the improper pair of socks. You might be the type who want to get as much use out of something as possible before throwing it away, but it is not a good idea to do this with shoes. A comfortable pair of shoes is worth more than you might think! If you are the type who want to have long wearing clothes, it is worth spending extra on quality made items. Name brands are not necessary, but well made is. If you spend $100 on a really good pair of shoes and they last a couple of years, that is a lot cheaper than the $30 pair that lasts a few months.

Being comfortable at work is important to being productive, and wanting to continue with a job. Be realistic about what you will be doing all day, for how long, and in what conditions. Then do the best you can to make this time go by as comfortably and productively as possible. Find a headset, pick some music, and enjoy the time you have at work.