Best Ways to Unwind After Work

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Feeling stressed and tired after a long day at work? Let the anxieties melt away by rewarding yourself with a pleasurable activity after heading out of the office. Escape from the clutches of paperwork (even your hotheaded boss) by rewarding yourself with any of these relaxing endeavors:

1. Exercise!

Feeling emotionally battered after a long day at the office? Chase the blues away by running around the park or hitting the gym. Exercise – while tiring – can uplift your spirit. That’s because it leads to the release of endorphins – the body’s feel-good hormones. Not only will exercise make you feel better, it can stave off the pounds that you have gained because of stress eating.

2. Stretch your muscles.

Are you too tired to do some exercises after work? Well then, you can always revert to the gentler activity that is stretching. Not only does it relax your tightened muscles (mainly due to stress), it improves range of motion and flexibility as well. Best of all, it can enhance your posture, as well as your blood circulation. These are especially helpful if you are confined to a chair for most of your day.

3. Walk Your Dog.

Are you guilty of not spending enough time with your dog? Give him the attention that he yearns for – and the stress relief you are looking for – by taking him out on a run. Not only will it give you the bonding time that you both need, a stroll with your pooch can help take your mind away from office-related problems. Who knows? You might find the pet-loving soulmate you are looking for along the way.

4. Cook.

If you are a self-confessed foodie – or better yet, a culinary rock star, then cooking after a day of hard work will definitely relieve you from the anxieties at the office. It does not matter if you follow your grandmother’s recipe. You can let it all loose and just ‘wing’ it. What matters is the cooking process, as the ability to whip up great food will surely melt your work worries right away.

5. Drink.

The bar might be your first go-to after a long day at work, but the truth of the matter is constant alcoholism will not solve your problems. However, if you are hankering for a sip of alcohol, a glass of wine should do the trick. A serving prior to hitting the sack will help you relax, chill out and calm down.

On a positive note, a glass of alcohol a day can also work wonders for your heart.

6. Read.

Take your mind off your work-related stresses by focusing your mind on a good read. Pick a good book, or catch up on the day’s hottest events by reading the newspaper. Whatever form of literary piece you choose, reading will surely take your office problems away.

7. Take a Bath.

Cleanse your mind and body simultaneously by engaging in a relaxing bath after work. Bath bubbles and aromatherapy candles are optional, but they can help eradicate the tension almost immediately!

8. Meditate.

Sometimes, a little down time is just what you need to distract your mind from work squabbles. That’s where meditation comes into play. This zen-inducing activity involves simple breathing activities that can erase the bothersome worries from the back of your head.

9. Go on a vacation.

If all else fails, then why not take a breather from the office and go on a well-deserved vacation? Seeing new sights and exploring novel territories will surely take your mind off the stresses at work. While waiting for your much-anticipated vacation leave, build up the excitement by planning your itinerary or googling the interesting sites in the city or country you wish to visit.