Beating boredom at work: Make the most of your time

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For most distribution center or warehouse jobs, boredom at work is the biggest part of the job. Even though a job can technically be easy, like packing boxes or running plastic injection molding machines, the hard part is not getting bored. The key to the job is to be able to last for a long period of time doing the same job at the same speed. This is really important if you are being paid on a piece-rate.

Finding things to think about is an essential tool to being able to last working a job like this and doing well. If you don’t have any thing to think about then the day can feel a lot longer than it has to be. If you think about it, the normal thing to do is to get up, go to work, go home, and then try to deal with situations or problems that you might be facing outside of work. Most of the time people find that there is not enough time left in the day to complete all the things they have to get done before bedtime, let alone deal with any more long term issues.


A good thing to do with your mental time while work is to structure it in a way that makes you think about each step of what you need to get done at home, and in your personal life, such as go to the bank, pay the car insurance, buy school clothes for the kids, or attend one of their after school activities. By deciding at the beginning of the day to make a ‘mind map’ of every thing you need to do when you get out of work, you can decide while you are still at work the order in which you will do things in, what you need to buy from the store, how much it will all cost,etc. You can also make good use of your mental time by thinking about the household budgeting during this time, adding all the bills up that you need to pay for the week, subtracting that from your weekly pay, deciding what to do with the remainder, if there is any.

There are two good reasons for doing this, other than to keep from being bored. One would be that by doing so you get to make sure that you don’t forget to do anything important, and make the best use of your time by creating a logical order, but you are also working your brain, which is a very important thing to do. Working your brain is something that can easily be overlooked when a person works with their hands doing a repetitive job that really does not need much thought. Your brain is like any other muscle, it needs to have exercise or it will get weak and flabby.

Another added bonus to deciding to think in a structured way while you are working with your hands is that once you get good at it, your work rate will improve automatically, because you will find yourself thinking about things in great detail that are important outside your work life, and you will automatically start keeping your optimum work rate. It is kind of like an involuntary function and is especially good for piece-rate workers.
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There are times, of course, when you need to keep your mind on the job, for reasons of safety or quality, and this will not apply to those of you who have to do that, but to those who are in packing, or collating, this will make your life better as you will truly be using your time as wisely as possible.